Fall 2014 SPO600 Packages by Participant

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This is the package list from http://performance.linaro.org, with packages already in the Fedora Aarch64 repositories removed, divided between the Fall 2014 SPO600 participants.

We're going to use this list for initial investigation, but the package(s) you work with may or may not be the ones you initially check out.

To do for October 7

  1. Do an initial check on each of the packages in your list. It may be that they are already available for aarch64 (maybe under a slightly-different name), that they don't exist in Fedora but do exist in other distros, that nobody cares about them anymore, or something else.
  2. Take a look at the notes on the Linaro Performance Challenge site for each package. This will give you a little bit of information about the porting/optimization required for each package.
  3. Briefly annotate each of the entries in your part of this page (i.e., mark them up with a brief note about what you've found). See my section for an example.
  4. Blog about your package list.


  • This list is divided up by participant only for the purpose of investigation right now. We may redistribute this list as we start work on these packages.
  • There may be packages that were removed because they exist in the Fedora Aarch64 repositories that should actually be included here, because they need optimization.
  • Different distros and projects refer to architectures by different names:
    • i386 == x86_32 == i586 == i686 (more or less!)
    • x86_64 == amd64
    • arm32 == aarch32 == armhf == armv7hl
    • arm64 == aarch64
  • To check to see if a package is available on a Fedora machine of a given architecture, use yum (e.g., yum list name-of-package) or repoquery, or look up the package in the package database.


The List

Adam Sharpe

  • yate
  • x264
  • fxt
  • avian
  • aften
  • samhain
  • python3.3
  • postgres-xc
  • lzo2
  • gfarm
  • mpich2
  • unicorn-scan

Brendan Henderson

  • pcre3
  • unrar-free
  • vflib3
  • php-apc
  • mysql-5.5
  • fwts
  • llvm-3.1
  • smlsharp
  • mpfr4
  • gccxml
  • puf
  • insserv

Chris Tyler

  • acpidump - included in Fedora aarch64 as part of 'acpica-tools' - may be slightly different version.
  • glib2.0 - included in Fedora aarch64 under the name 'glib2'.
  • newlib - intended for embedded systems. ARM32 version in Fedora as 'arm-none-eabi-newlib' (oddly, marked as 'noarch'?). Aarch64 version might be a fair bit of work.
  • nana - not present in Fedora, present in repositories for Debian but not arm64/aarch64. Can probably get working easily except for timers.
  • lam - not present in Fedora. Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementation - do we need this if we have OpenMPI?
  • radare - reverse-engineering tools - very arch-specific. Not present in Fedora; present in Ubuntu/Debian but only for x86_32 and x86_64. Upstream website says that aarch64 is supported (?).
  • libcrypt-cast5-perl - not present in Fedora; present in Ubuntu/Debian but only for x86_32/x86_64. The portable version is perl-Crypt-CAST5_PP, but probably lower performance.
  • brutefir - audio library - not present in Fedora; present in Ubuntu/Debian for x86 and arm64. May be using C fallbacks.
  • libgc - garbage collection library - not present in Fedora; present in Ubuntu/Debian for x86 and arm64. Wonder if the arm64 build works properly?
  • boinc-app-seti - SETI client for BOINC framework. Not in Fedora, present in Ubuntu/Debian for x86 and arm64. Does anyone use this?
  • nuitka - python compiler, Ubuntu/Debian has x86_32 build only. Not present in Fedora.
  • sbsigntool - tool to sign and verify UEFI secure boot files. Ubuntu notes indicate that it's patched to sign arm64 images, but doesn't run on arm64. Not in Fedora.

Edwin Lum

  • amtu
  • qemu-linaro
  • xen
  • gmerlin-encoders
  • ncpfs
  • snobol4
  • magics++
  • radare2
  • gambc
  • mono
  • frysk

Emmanuel Ho Fidelino

  • ace
  • mlt
  • racket
  • simgrid
  • gmap
  • gnu-efi
  • avidemux
  • libgcroots
  • jscoverage
  • eigen3
  • ugene
  • gatling

Gabriel Castro

  • botan1.10
  • xz-utils
  • mountall
  • lcdf-typetools
  • db
  • sndobj
  • vo-amrwbenc
  • ffcall
  • abyss
  • samba4
  • libcrypto++
  • mjpegtools

Hunter Jansen

  • llvm-3.0
  • exim4
  • italc
  • kexec-tools
  • krb5
  • gem
  • ruby-prof
  • gnutls28
  • snort
  • llvm-2.9
  • xvidcore
  • ruby1.8

Kieran Sedgwick

  • drbd8
  • lame
  • openjdk-7
  • upx-ucl
  • gmp4
  • libfame
  • lwipv6
  • gnulib
  • icon
  • libmad
  • scheme2c
  • mozart

Linpei Fan

  • blcr
  • grub2
  • php5
  • libinnodb
  • ocaml-sha
  • libhmsbeagle
  • maude
  • rtai
  • kamailio
  • gesftpserver
  • bsign
  • openjdk-6

Omid Djahanpour

  • mozjs
  • ruby1.9.1
  • xmds
  • binfmtc
  • rheolef
  • aribas
  • xen-api-libs
  • bunny
  • nwchem
  • eigen2
  • vo-aacenc
  • sbcl