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(Participant and Project Table)
(Participant and Project Table)
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| 11||[[User:Sung Hwan Kim|Sung Hwan Kim]] || professorplum|| CTY Student ||(TBA)|| || || ||
| 11||[[User:Sung Hwan Kim|Sung Hwan Kim]] || professorplum|| CTY Student ||(TBA)|| || || ||
| 12||[[User:Dmitry Kozunov|Dmitry Kozunov]] || darthjawa|| CTY Student ||(TBA)|| || || ||

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Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
Click on the arrow icon in any column to sort by that column.
# Name IRC Nick (Learn ID) Role Project Alternate Projects Notes Regarding Project Project Approval Continuation Course
0 Chris Tyler ctyler (chris.tyler) Professor (TBA)
1 Taylor Barras tsbarras CTYC Student (TBA)
2 Phuoc Phan pphan Student (TBA)
3 Slava Basatski Slava_ CTY Student (TBA)
4 Ai Dow Adow (adow2) CNS Student (TBA)
5 Dan Martino circuit CTY Student (TBA)
6 Faranak Ahmadi CTYC Student (TBA)
7 Yue Wen ywen(ywen10) CTYC Student (TBA)
8 Thanh Tran ttran57 CTYC Student (TBA)
9 Jason Carman jmcarman CTY Student (TBA)
10 Adam Penrose atpenrose CTY Student (TBA)
11 Sung Hwan Kim professorplum CTY Student (TBA)
12 Dmitry Kozunov darthjawa CTY Student (TBA)
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Column definitions

  • Name - Your full name, linked to your wiki user profile page (please place contact information there).
  • IRC Nick(s) - Your nicks (nicknames) as used on IRC. Leave this blank if you're not using IRC yet.
  • Role - Professor, CTY Student, CTYC Student, IFS Student, CDOT Researcher.
  • Project - Link to your main SBR600 project wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected an SBR600 project yet.
  • Alternate Projects - Projects you are interested in doing if your selected project is not approved.
  • Notes Regarding Project - Any comments you have about your project selection.
  • Project Approval - Initialed by your professor when your project selection is approved; may also contain a note about comments on the Talk page.
  • Continuation Course - Place a Y here if you're interested in taking a continuation course. This will be a course offered in a subsequent semester where you can continue work on the project you started in DPI908/SBR600 (or another follow-on project, if your DPI908/SBR600 project is concluded). Place an N here if you are not interested in taking the continuation course. Leave this blank if you're unsure.

Instructions - Participant Information

Please add your name, IRC nick, and Learn ID as soon as possible. Link your name to your Wiki user page.

Instructions - Project Selection

Select one of the DPI908/SBR600 Potential Projects and add an entry to this table. Project assignment is not final until approved by your professor but is generally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Edit your row on this page:

  • In the Project column, please place a project title exactly as written on the potential projects page.
  • In the Alternate Projects column, please name one or two other projects that you are also interested in, if your first choice is oversubscribed or not available.
  • In the Notes Regarding Project column, comment on why you chose the project you did.
  • Add a link from the project name in the Project column to your Project page. For the Project page, use the Sample Project as a template.
  • Fill in the Project page with your initial project plans. See the comments in each section of that page for instructions.
    • Research the scope of your project
    • Identify some initial resources (people, information) and links.
    • Decide on your goals for your 0.1 release (proof of concept), 0.2 release (initial implementation), and 0.3 release (good implementation). Note that some projects have a much bigger scope than others, and some will be largely completed by the first release date (in which case you may want to take on a second small project for the later release dates).
  • Due date: To be announced.