Fall 2013 Open Source Students

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This is a list of students in the DPS909 and OSD600 courses for fall 2013. Please add your name and info below.


Name IRC Nick Blog Github Account Wiki Page Twitter e-mail
David Humphrey humph http://vocamus.net/dave humphd User:David.humphrey @humphd
Simon de Almeida simon66 http://sdealmeida.com simon66
Jose Romasanta Raf http://jrromasanta1.wordpress.com/ jrromasanta1 @NooWayJoseR
Kevin Kofler kwkofler http://kwkofler.wordpress.com kwkofler User:Kevin_William_Kofler @kwkofler
Dzmitry Kavalchyk RevenTL http://revenlight.wordpress.com/ RevenTL User:dkavalchyk2 @RevenTL
Tony Yu tqyu http://tqyu.wordpress.com/ tqyu User:tqyu @tqyu90
Michael Veis mlveis http://mlveis.wordpress.com/ mlveis User:mlveis
Petr Bouianov pbouianov http://pbouianov.wordpress.com/ pbouianov User:Petr_Bouianov @pbouianov
Chad Pilkey capilkey http://chadpilkey.wordpress.com/ capilkey User:capilkey
Chaobo Xie cxie8 http://chaoboxie.wordpress.com/ chaoboxie User:cxie8
Elsi Nushaj elnushaj http://elnushaj.wordpress.com/ elnushaj @elnushaj
Mohamed Baig mbbaig http://mbbaig.wordpress.com/ mbbaig User:Mohamed Baig @mohamed_baig
Natesh Mayuranathan cholantesh http://cholantesh.wordpress.com/ cholantesh User:Nmayuranathan
Mark Aronin maronin http://maronin.wordpress.com/ maronin User:maronin maronin@myseneca.ca
Shavauhn Gabay http://shavyg2.wordpress.com shavyg2 @shavyg2
Alex Craig acraig http://andeic1.wordpress.com/ andeic User:acraig1 @acraig780 acraig1@myseneca.ca
Shajinth Pathmakulaseelan shaj02 http://shaj02.wordpress.com/ shaj02 User:Shajinth Pathmakulaseelan
Matthew Torrance mstorrance http://matthewtorrance.com/ MatthewTorrance User:Matthew Scott Torrance
Barry tulchinsky btulchinsky http://btulchinsky.wordpress.com/ btulchinsky User:btulchinsky
Husain Fazal hfazal http://hfazal.wordpress.com/ hfazal User:hfazal @husain_fazal
Robert Stanica rwstanica http://stani.ca stanica User:rwstanica
Nitin Prakash Panicker npsquared http://nitinprakash.wordpress.com/ npsquared User:nprakashpanicker
Zakeria Hassan Vader http://bzcareermongodb.blogspot.ca/ zmhassan User:zmhassan
Xiaodong Chen dchenxd http://dchenxd.wordpress.com/ xdchen User:Xiaodong Chen
Kajanthan Tharmabalan http://codescriptplay.blogspot.ca/ ktharmabalan User:Kajanthan Tharmabalan @ktharmabalan
Alex Kotliar akotliar http://alexkotliar.wordpress.com/ akotliar User:akotliar
Jeffrey Espiritu jespiritu http://jespiritucpp.wordpress.com/ jespirit User:jespiritu