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|[https://github.com/npsquared npsquared]
|[https://github.com/npsquared npsquared]
|Zakeria Hassan
|[https://github.com/zmhassan zmhassan]

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This is a list of students in the DPS909 and OSD600 courses for fall 2013. Please add your name and info below.


Name IRC Nick Blog Github Account Wiki Page Twitter
David Humphrey humph http://vocamus.net/dave humphd User:David.humphrey @humphd
Simon de Almeida simon66 http://sdealmeida.com simon66
Jose Romasanta Raf http://jrromasanta1.wordpress.com/ jrromasanta1 @NooWayJoseR
Kevin Kofler kwkofler http://kwkofler.wordpress.com kwkofler User:Kevin_William_Kofler @kwkofler
Dzmitry Kavalchyk RevenTL http://revenlight.wordpress.com/ RevenTL User:dkavalchyk2 @RevenTL
Tony Yu tqyu http://tqyu.wordpress.com/ tqyu User:tqyu @tqyu90
Michael Veis mlveis http://mlveis.wordpress.com/ mlveis User:mlveis
Petr Bouianov pbouianov http://pbouianov.wordpress.com/ pbouianov User:Petr_Bouianov @pbouianov
Chad Pilkey capilkey http://chadpilkey.wordpress.com/ capilkey User:capilkey
Chaobo Xie cxie8 http://chaoboxie.wordpress.com/ chaoboxie User:cxie8
Elsi Nushaj elnushaj http://elnushaj.wordpress.com/ elnushaj @elnushaj
Mohamed Baig mbbaig http://mbbaig.wordpress.com/ mbbaig User:Mohamed Baig @mohamed_baig
Natesh Mayuranathan http://cholantesh.wordpress.com/ cholantesh User:Nmayuranathan
Mark Aronin maronin http://maronin.wordpress.com/ maronin User:maronin
Shavauhn Gabay http://shavyg2.wordpress.com shavyg2 @shavyg2
Alex Craig http://andeic1.wordpress.com/ andeic User:acraig1
Shajinth Pathmakulaseelan shaj02 http://shaj02.wordpress.com/ shaj User:Shajinth Pathmakulaseelan
Matthew Torrance mstorrance http://matthewtorrance.com/ MatthewTorrance User:Matthew Scott Torrance
Barry tulchinsky btulchinsky http://btulchinsky.wordpress.com/ btulchinsky User:btulchinsky
Husain Fazal hfazal http://hfazal.wordpress.com/ hfazal User:hfazal @husain_fazal
Robert Stanica rwstanica http://stani.ca stanica User:rwstanica
Nitin Prakash Panicker npsquared http://nitinprakash.wordpress.com/ npsquared User:nprakashpanicker
Zakeria Hassan zmhassan http://bzcareermongodb.blogspot.ca/ zmhassan User:zmhassan