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|Rick  Eyre  
|Rick  Eyre  
|[http://epsilon812.wordpress.com RickEyre]
|[https://github.com/RickEyre RickEyre]
|[https://github.com/RickEyre RickEyre]

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This is a list of students in the DPS909 and OSD600 courses for fall 2012. Please add your name and info below.


Name IRC Nick Blog Github Account Wiki Page Twitter
David Humphrey humph http://vocamus.net/dave humphd User:David.humphrey @humphd
Vince Lee Lynart http://lynart.wordpress.com/author/lynart/ Lynart User:Lynart None
Rick Eyre epsilon RickEyre RickEyre User:Errichard @epsilon812
David Perit dperit http://dperit.blogspot.com dperit User:dperit @dperit
Dale Karp daleee http://dale.io daliuss User:Dkarp @daliuss
Dylan Potter (pref. Caitlin Potter) caitp http://caitpotter.blogspot.ca caitp User:Dylan Potter None
Shayan Zafar Ahmad szahmad Shayan's Blog Shayan's GitHub User:Szahmad ShayanZafar
Michael Stiver-Balla Stiver Stiver's Blog Stiver's GitHub User:Mmstiver-balla @StiverSC
Michael Afidchao mdafidchao http://kypertrast.net/seneca mafidchao User:Mdafidchao None