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Fall 2011 Open Source Students

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This is a list of students in the DPS909 and OSD600 courses for fall 2011. Please add your name and info below.


Name IRC Nick Blog Github Account Wiki Page Twitter
David Humphrey humph humphd @humphd
Moussa Tabcharani moussa1
Chris Gosselin crgosselin
Abhishek Bhatnagar abhatnag @abhishekToronto
Greg Krilov gkrilov
Archana Sahota asahota1
Jesse Silver JSilver999
Dennis Villasenor
Nikita Kuznetsov
Saba Naqvi snaqvi
Matthew Schranz mjschranz mjschranz
Kaitlyn Callow kait85
Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen northWind @NorthWind87
Joseph Hughes CloudScorpion
Stanley Tsang nm486!/stanley_tsang
Hyungryul Chun hchun
Raymond Hung rhung
Ausley Johnson Johnno
James Boelen jboelen
Denise Rigato
Christopher Cheung Tophu
Jordan Raffoul jbraffoul
Ching Wei Tseng Anachid
Roman Hotin rhotin
Saad Mohammad smohammad
Noah Gitalis Tuna
Keyan Ren
Sergiu Ecob saecob
Gus Crawford Not Yet Available
Michelle Mendoza
Qian (Ken) Xu Tentacle
Chirag Shastri cmshastri
Yevgeniy Ivanchenko Jekyjaw
Kaitlyn McDonald kmcdonald11
Diogo Monteiro diogogmt @diogogmt
Anurag Bhatnagar anuragbhatnagar @anuragbh
Jacky Siu jsiu3 N/A