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Fall 2011 0.2 Release

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0.2 Release

Please add your name and any important links below when you are done your 0.2 Release, for example, blog post, git repo/commit/branch, bugs, etc.

Release Info

Name IRC Nick Blog Github Commit Release Notes Bug
Chris Gosselin crgosselin Created a visual time line for popcorn
Noah Gitalis ngitalis Made Some Progress - Check the Blog.
Ausley Johnson Johnno, 1. Added Pause to plugin removing it from the core as requested(t308) 2. Corrected lint errors for all Popcorn unit tests(t607).,
Archana Sahota asahota Rewrite loadXML() in processing.js
Greg Krilov gkrilov Create ShearX and ShearY functions as well as ref tests and unit tests for Processing.js
Moussa Tabcharani moussa1 Completed the caption plugin I started in 0.1 along with unit testing (t64)
Ching Wei Tseng Anachid Used a harness to render basic objects and calculate the time taken to do so. CubicVR Issue 21
Sergiu Ecob secob Added a while slew of test cases and implementations for various functions in vector
Jesse Silver JSilver999 Started the implementation of the Gladius GameSaver client/server based on the BrowserID example, and made an example TicTacToe game to test it. Several stories from
Kaitlyn McDonald kaitlynm Finished the GUI for the Send2SP tool to be used with Processing's IDE. Issue 854
Keyan Ren KeyR please check the blog
Jacky Siu jsiu3 Created preliminary install script. Gamesaver test Details
Denise Rigato drigato Rendered track listing for an album
Raymond Hung rhung input.js: Added the Logitech Chillstream to the keyblob and created an implementation for mapping a button to an axis. gladius: made audio loop and test case required for commit.
Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen northWind Paladin: Added load/store features for local storage and retrieval of configuration registry. Update includes new tests. Also added some useful functions. See blog for more. Issue 21: Release 0.2 Issue Thread Comment
Joseph Hughes CloudScorpion CubicVR: Added dirty flag into material. Built up a dynamic material tester, only works with 3 materials right now, will have this tester completely done within a few weeks.