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Fall 2011 0.1 Release

Revision as of 22:54, 29 September 2011 by Abhatnagar (talk | contribs) (Release Info)

0.1 Release

Please add your name and any important links below when you are done your 0.1 Release, for example, blog post, git repo/commit/branch, bugs, etc.

  • mjschranz Just a thought everyone, but could you put a shortened version of your repos/commit links? This way we could keep the table from stretching insanely far horizontally.

Release Info

Name IRC Nick Blog Github Commit Release Notes Bug
Chris Gosselin crgosselin Changing way Math.js is used within Gladius. Last 8 or so blog posts are relevant.
Noah Gitalis tuna "Hello World" For CubicVR.js automated ref tests.
Kaitlyn McDonald kaitlynm Please read blog post! (Issue 854)
James Boelen jboelen Fixed a bug with noFill and noStroke in PJS Ticket #1417
Ching Wei Tseng Anachid Rendered a basic shape and captured the time taken to do so. (CubicVR Issue 21)
Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen northWind Automated test suite for new Configurator subsystem. One of the latest blog posts should talk about this release in more detail! Issue 21
Matthew Schranz mjschranz Blog Ticket: #733, #734 Added tests for Popcorn.js Facebook Plugin and refactored it's code. Ticket: #733, #734
Qian (Ken) Xu Tentacle (Github Commit) (See My Blog Post) (printMatrix prints negative zeros, ticket #1557)
Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro diogogmt Blog post with more details Resource manager/loader ticket #6
Anurag Bhatnagar abhatnagar Setup the function to start working on it Processing-js Ticket #1589