Fall 2011 0.1 Release

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0.1 Release

Please add your name and any important links below when you are done your 0.1 Release, for example, blog post, git repo/commit/branch, bugs, etc.

  • mjschranz Just a thought everyone, but could you put a shortened version of your repos/commit links? This way we could keep the table from stretching insanely far horizontally.

Release Info

Name IRC Nick Blog Github Commit Release Notes Bug
Chris Gosselin crgosselin http://crgosselin.blogspot.com/ https://github.com/crgosselin/gladius/commit/c0003d00b913e7b71ea407a88943a339007e6bb1 Changing way Math.js is used within Gladius. Last 8 or so blog posts are relevant. https://github.com/alankligman/gladius.math/issues/1
Noah Gitalis tuna http://noahgitalis.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/ngitalis/CubicVR.js/commit/72788c7ebe64a01c6c8c0d767a05aa62c2a4e0ee "Hello World" For CubicVR.js automated ref tests. https://github.com/cjcliffe/CubicVR.js/issues/25
Kaitlyn McDonald kaitlynm http://kaitlynmcdonald.wordpress.com https://github.com/kmcdonald11/Send2SP Please read blog post! (Issue 854)
James Boelen jboelen http://james.boelen.ca https://github.com/JamesBoelen/processing-js/commit/e09fcba05242d84714ca0c899d596d2bc2d6f361 Fixed a bug with noFill and noStroke in PJS Ticket #1417
Ching Wei Tseng Anachid http://steventseng.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/Anachid/CubicVR.js/blob/master/tests/perf/index.html Rendered a basic shape and captured the time taken to do so. (CubicVR Issue 21)
Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen northWind http://orbitalstation.wordpress.com https://github.com/northWind87/gladius/blob/develop_issue_21/test/core/Configurator.js Automated test suite for new Configurator subsystem. One of the latest blog posts should talk about this release in more detail! Issue 21
Matthew Schranz mjschranz Blog Ticket: #733, #734 Added tests for Popcorn.js Facebook Plugin and refactored it's code. Ticket: #733, #734
Qian (Ken) Xu Tentacle http://kenxu99.wordpress.com/ (Github Commit) (See My Blog Post) (printMatrix prints negative zeros, ticket #1557)
Diogo Golovanevsky Monteiro diogogmt http://diogogmt.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/diogogmt/gladius/commit/0b30de0963ce054b76a0c97704547e474eac98a4 Blog post with more details Resource manager/loader ticket #6
Anurag Bhatnagar abhatnagar http://www.anuragbhatnagar.com/ https://github.com/anuragbhatnagar/processing-js/commit/4d9b3947a6e142ff40c249c0b0688aeb0af47a22 Setup the function to start working on it Processing-js Ticket #1589
Jacky Siu jsiu3 http://withs.tumblr.com/tagged/OSD/ https://github.com/jsiu3/processing-js/commit/c1ce0f5aed7a61d18b9418c6ee07097ddfbda379 Implemented greggman's patch with frameRateIsUsed flag, to switch between rAF and Old code. [1]