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|Milton Paiva
|Milton Paiva

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These are the people participating in LUX Fall 2008 (click on the icon beside any column heading to sort the table):

Name IRC Nick Notes Blog
Chris Tyler ctyler Professor - SPR720 http://blog.chris.tylers.info
Gregory Masseau bombshelter13 OR bombshelter13_ Student http://bombshelter13.blogspot.com/
John Selmys selmys Professor - SYA710 http://selmys.wordpress.com
Michal Heidenreich heidenreich Professor - LPT730 http://heidenreich.wordpress.com/
Lou Daly lsdaly or loud Student http://lsdaly.blogspot.com/
Milton Paiva mpaiva Student http://miltonpaiva.wordpress.com
Mohak Vyas Kavee OR Vyas Student http://www.mohaksblog.blogspot.com/
Patricia Constantino PatCons Student http://pconstantino.wordpress.com
Paul DiRezze pdirect Student http://pdirezze.blogspot.com
Stephen Carter evets OR scarter4 Student http://scarter4.blogspot.com/
Varinder Singh Varinder Student http://varinderjhand.wordpress.com
Nestor Chan BossaNesta Student http://de-luxer.blogspot.com/
Kezhong Liang Stevenlkz Student http://kezhong.wordpress.com/
Anton Kuznetsov Antonkuz ISA Graduate