FSOSS Meeting 2012-09-13

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  • Count is low -- need to pursue specific invitations, push people to hit the Friday (Tomorrow!) deadline
    • Invite djdelorie, OpenCores community member (CT)
  • Dawn is setting up panel discussion on business model/commercialization + track speakers (DM)
  • Target of 3 tracks x 6 presentations for Thursday but flexible
  • Target of 3 tracks x 6 presentations for Friday


  • Hackputer showcase contest
    • AGreene to lead (CT)


  • Now open!
  • Changes needed: (RS)
    • Student rate -> Faculty and student rate
    • Add information about what is included in the registration


  • E-vite review
    • Changes required (RS)
  • Posters and handbills
    • Marketing is finishing posters
    • Electronic version for printing (by us) expected next week
    • Handbill format also desired (RS)
  • Online (Seneca News, My.Seneca, SCS, ...)


  • Mozilla? (DH)
  • Sleeman's (BP)
  • AdaFruit Industries? (CT)
  • CPE/LED (EW)
  • Others (BP?)

Invitations - Seneca Admin (EW)

  • Roy Hart
  • David Agnew
  • Daniel Atlin
  • Joy McKinnon
  • Mike MacNamara
  • Christine Bradaric-Baus
  • Krishan Mehta
  • Mark Jones
  • Hassan Assiri
  • Louis Koutsovitis
  • Laurel Schollen
  • Henry Decock
  • Other FASET chairs (?)

Audio/Video Capture (RC)

  • Investigating possibilities with Google Hangouts on Air, Skype, etc. (RC)
  • Need some roving camerafolks for marketing, showcase coverage, etc. (CT)

Volunteers (CL)

  • Speaker's Dinner invite for key video volunteers? (RC)

Media Release / Coverage

  • Include:
    • Quote from business panel (DM)
    • Showcase of Hackputer projects (AG)
    • Education track - Hackputing (CT)
    • Definition of Hackputing / emergence of the Hackputing platforms (CT)
  • Draft next week (EM)

Future Meetings (RS)

  • Weekly on Thursday
    • Reminder at start of week (RS)

Web presence

  • Need to revamp starting right after this year's event