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This FAQ is meant to provide a place for you to capture knowledge as you begin working on Mozilla development. When someone answers a question for you, consider adding it below. Create new topic headings as necessary.

Building Firefox

  1. Where can I get information on building Firefox or other Mozilla products?
    Start with the documentation on MDC:
  2. Where can I get more help building Firefox on Windows?
    See Building Firefox on Win32 using Visual Studio .NET 2005.
    Windows Build Documentation is updated - 17:15, Sept 16 2006 (EST)


  1. Where can I find a comprehensive list of IRC clients?
    Visit for a list of IRC clients on various platforms. Two popular choices are Chatzilla and irssi.
  2. Where can I ask for help on IRC?
    Use the #seneca, #firefox or #developers channels on irc://
  3. What is the best way to share long error messages or other text that is too big to copy/paste into IRC?
    Use a pastebin at or to copy/paste your output. Then paste the resulting URL into IRC.
  4. What is the best way to share long URLs in IRC?
    Use and paste the resulting URL into IRC.
  5. IRSSI + Terminal Server:
    Click for a quick Irssi Tutorial
    IRSSI Documentation and Resources


  1. What does MDC or devmo refer to?
    Mozilla Developer Center -