Extending the Buildbot/Tinderbox quickparse

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11:46 <rhelmer> hey 
11:47 <rhelmer> was thinking on the train about a couple little projects that would be really cool
11:47 <rhelmer> one is a buildbot change object to query http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=Firefox&quickparse=1
11:48 <rhelmer> then have a Builder which notes the timestamp (the last column) and which builds have changed
11:48 <rhelmer> if a new build completes successfully, then it should be downloaded and tested
11:49 <rhelmer> the test steps would just be a "cvs co mozilla/testing" and "make perftest" in the right dir
11:49 <bhearsum> oooh, i get it now
11:49 <rhelmer> i hacked tinderbox to do this now
11:49 <rhelmer> but i want to build out the test-only farm, and I want to do it with buildbot
11:50 <rhelmer> it's hard to convince preed to try buildbot for the build farm, but i am a peer on the testing module and should be able to push it through as a trial
11:50 <bhearsum> cool, sweet
11:50 <rhelmer> if we had buildbot on the build farm as well, we could have the slaves upload to the server and then push to the testing slaves
11:50 <bhearsum> so when downloading the build, would that be cvs or looking at the link in the tinderbox page?
11:50 <rhelmer> which'd be sweet
11:50 <rhelmer> there is a specific place the hourly builds go
11:50 <bhearsum> ah ok
11:50 <rhelmer> http://stage.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/tinderbox-builds/
11:51 <rhelmer> i can show you the tinderbox impl
11:51 <bhearsum> yeah
11:51 <bhearsum> cool
11:51 <rhelmer> so downloading/installing the build would be one step
11:51 <rhelmer> "cvs co" the testing scripts another
11:51 <rhelmer> and a call to make to run it
11:51 <rhelmer> i am trying to extract the tests from tinderbox
11:51 <rhelmer> which is mostly done
11:52 <rhelmer> http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/testing/tinderbox-standalone-tests/
11:52 <rhelmer> we have a better harness to drop in later but it's not ready yet
11:52 <rhelmer> you interested in helping out on any of that ? :)
11:52 <bhearsum> so it'd just be a matter of firing off the scripts then, right?
11:52 <bhearsum> yeah, definently
11:52 <rhelmer> exactly
11:52 <bhearsum> probably not until after exams though
11:53 <rhelmer> :)
11:53 <bhearsum> unless you wnat to write them for me ;-)
11:53 <rhelmer> i figure the change object will be almost exactly like the bonsai one
11:53 <bhearsum> yeah
11:53 <bhearsum> that's what i thought too
11:53 <bhearsum> not very different, at least
11:53 <rhelmer> yeah i was thinking i'd just modify yours and ask you for review
11:53 <rhelmer> the steps will be dead simple