EHL System Status

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This page is used to track the state of the various systems in the Enterprise Hyperscale Lab. Note that not all systems are listed here (e.g., Morocco and the Calxeda systems are not included yet).

System 32/64 Firmware Kernel Serial Storage OS User Role Notes
x1/Blue 64 apm 4.0.0-0.rc3.git0.1.local6.fc21.aarch64 1 SSD Fedora 21 someone Old Koji Hub, Createrepo
Red 64 apm 4.0.4-301.fc22.aarch64 2 HDD Fedora 22 Artem Gateway
x2 64 apm 4.0.0-0.rc3.git0.1.local7.aa2.aarch64 13 HDD LEAP Artem Koji Builder(Old Koji) - Up / SPECINT Benchmark Testing Don't Wipe. Previously known as x13.
x3 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 3 HDD LEAP someone Koji PostgreSQL Database(temp), Createrepo(temp), Kojira(temp) B0 - Don't wipe
x4 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 4 HDD LEAP someone Koji Hub, Koji Web B0 - Don't wipe
x5 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 5 HDD LEAP someone Not in use due to instability Slow
x6 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 6 HDD LEAP someone Koji Builder - Up
x7 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 7 HDD LEAP Michael Koji Builder(Old Koji) - Up, Michael's tasks
x8 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 8 HDD LEAP someone Koji Builder - Up
x9 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 9 HDD LEAP someone Koji Builder - Up
x10 64 apm 3.17 10 HDD Fedora 21 artem ilp32 experiments
x11 64 apm 4.0.0-0.rc3.git0.1.local7.aa2.aarch64 11 HDD LEAP Artem gcc experiments Randomly crashes
x12 64 apm 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 12 HDD LEAP someone Koji Builder - Up
Morocco 64 apm 3.18.0-0.rc1.git4.1.fc20.armv7hl Fedora 21 someone Old Gateway Doesn't have external IP
s4 64 amd 4.1.0-1.lp7.leap7_003.aarch64 9 (Cabinet 2) HDD LEAP someone Koji Builder - Up / Install Trees B0, currently in storage