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Project Name

Document Mozilla External String Guide

Project Description

On MDC the Mozilla internal string guide makes reference to a Mozilla external string guide which does not exist at this time.

For any developer looking for information on external strings this is a problem. It is specifically important to those developing Extensions, XULRunner applications, and embedders. At the wiki Mozilla internal string guide the link "here" in the sentence of the first paragraph:

"Extensions, XULRunner applications, and embedders should use the external strings, documented here."

points to nothing.

Mozilla internal string guide on MDC

Bug 494970 - Document Mozilla External String Guide

Project Leader(s)


Project Contributor(s)

From Seneca:

From Mozilla:

Project Details

When the various versions of the project are being released they will be released on MDC at Mozilla external string guide

Projected Project Time-line

0.0 - Project Plan (This project page and [blog post])

0.1 - Document the difference between External and Internal strings, lay out wiki page with basic sections

0.2 - Data collected and entered using static analysis tool (related interfaces etc.)

0.3 - Complete all generic sections from the wiki page and add other important sections about the code

Project News

The project has started