Distcc With MSVC

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Project Name


Project Description

Speed up Windows Mozilla Builds by letting them use distcc on windows with Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler.

Project Leader(s)

Project Contributor(s)

None yet (we have stuff for you to do!)

Project Details

Mozilla (and others :) ) is interested in speeding up their builds by using a distributed compiler (distcc). The problem is that distcc only works with gcc but not with the msvc compiler (cl).

The plan has two stages:

  1. change distcc to support multiple compilers
  2. add cl support

Initially, we planned to use two vtables (one for distcc and another for distccd) to keep track of which compiler specific operation to use when. However that bombed out so we're currently using a single vtable.

We have kept the two vtable branch because we actually got a lot of the cl specific stuff done (before we realized we missed some functions).

The First Patch (Oops)

This is was released to the distcc mailing list. This has a few functions missing. It was meant to provide the two vtable support without cl. It should be ignored and we'll be re-releasing a working version of this soon.

Project News

For the most up to date info look up foobartastic