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Delta debugging testcase 02


Sudoku Test


This test case compiles and runs the Sudoku program written in C++, made by Richard Chu for the Design Patterns class. The purpose of this test is to demonstrate how the algorithm build system can be customized to use other compilers or build systems in the host environment.



  • Build Script.
  • It builds the program, creating an a.exe file if compilation is successful.
  • If the compilation fails, a.exe file will not be generated.

  • The Test Module.
  • Wrapper around the real test case (SudokuTest.cpp located in the Sudoku folder). It runs the test case and reports the results of the test (pass or fail).


  • The actual test case.

  • Delta Debugging Script.
  • Runs the Delta Debugging Algorithm to detect the failed test (in this case, wrong output from a function) and attempt to find the failure inducing changes.

Test Method

  • Download the source code from the repository!. This test can't be run from the zipped source code.
 svn checkout svn:// 
  • run
  • It should be able to find the last known good revision (revision 4)
  • Fails on finding the minimal set of failure inducing directories and files. The reason for this is still being investigated. The suspected reason is inconsistent or unreliable test case.