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Persons can write a publish-dated check to discover whenever a payee may cash the verify. A person can utilize this test-writing method when a checking account does not currently include acceptable funds, but when finances should be present within the consideration by a specific date. When you take some post-dated examine, you must adhere to the date on the test plus wait to cash it till that date arrives or passes.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


1 Observe the date on the verify. Typically, when someone presents a publish-dated check being payment for goods or services, the payer makes the payee aware of the post-date to ensure that the payee does not attempt to cash the check earlier. Cashing the check early will likely result in one overdraw of the checking consideration.

2 Sign the back of the check.

3 Take the check to your bank on the date or after the date on the test and present it to a teller for cashing.

Suggestions & Warnings

Cash the check as quickly as possible following the date on the verify arrives to ensure that the monies in the account remain there to cover the check. Accepting a post-dated examine includes certain probability on the chance that the check writer is paper the examine with no the ambition of covering it as anticipated. If the check writer never deposits money to cover the check or even closes the checking accounts prior to the date on the check, you may not be capable to recover the money expected to you.

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My PayDayLoanCash: What Are Post-Dated Checks? The American Institute about Professional Bookkeepers: The way to Reserve Returned also Postdated Checks

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