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(My Test Case - Above code on a website redirection)
(My Test Case - Above code on a website redirection)
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The probe mainly picked up on Javascript and XML calls. But this is pretty staggering considering my test case was pretty basic, especially the number of times the XML commands were called (most likely utility functions for the Javascript). Feel free to try out your own test cases, but involving more complex things.
The probe mainly picked up on Javascript and XML calls. But this is pretty staggering considering my test case was pretty basic, especially the number of times the XML commands were called (most likely utility functions for the Javascript). Feel free to try out your own test cases, but involving more complex things.
Why did I go wrestling themed? Well, I watch WWE Raw/Smackdown quite often, and Santino Marella is a RAW Wrestler. He is a villian using an Italian Stereotype gimmick. I find him quite entertaining to watch. Plus, I compiled this script on Thursday (where his WWE.com show - Santino's Casa is uploaded every Thursday) and finished watching it before I compiled this script.
Why did I go wrestling themed? Well, I watch WWE Raw/Smackdown quite often, and Santino Marella is a RAW Wrestler. He is a villian using an Italian Stereotype gimmick. I find him quite entertaining to watch because of his microphone skills. Plus, I compiled this script on Thursday (where his WWE.com show - Santino's Casa is uploaded every Thursday) and finished watching it before I compiled this script.

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The purpose of 0.1 is to show that I am aware of how a D-Trace probe works, by using a D script to pick up on function call counts (for now) and see what it can gather. This functionality can only be tested on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or Open Solaris.

Being able to write a D-Trace script helps when I start writing probes for 0.2.

Step 1: Build Pre-requisites

The user is responsible for making sure that thier Mac or Solaris machine has met the requirements for building Mozilla. These instructions (Mac or OpenSolaris) must be met. It is recommended that you have at least built Mozilla at least once and are able to run it.

You must build v3.0.1 or higher of Mozilla Firefox in order to have D-Trace functionality. I used 3.0.3. Retrieve this version here

Step 2: Change your $PATH global

There is one specific header file that client.mk or configure will check for. It is called sys/sdt.h. If your current PATH cannot link to it, then not only will D-Trace not work, but Mozilla will not compile. In Mac and Solaris, this problem should be resolved by using this as your $PATH:

export PATH=/usr/include/sys:/usr/include:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH

/usr/include/(sys) contains the sys/sdt.h header you need. The other 2 help resolve a possible issue when compiling on Mac (Your compiler may say libIDL and GLib cannot be found - even after installing it, this should resolve it).

Step 3: .Mozconfig file

Once you have extracted all the contents of the tar file (from Step 1), you should have a mozilla directory.

//Assuming you placed it within your home directory<br>
$cd ~/mozilla
$vi .mozconfig

ac_add_options --enable-dtrace
ac_add_options --disable-tests
ac_add_options --disable-debug 
ac_add_options --enable-optimize
ac_add_options --enable-application=browser

The first option is the one we need. This tells the build to check for D-Trace dependancies and build the necessary probes on runtime. The rest are to ensure your build goes as fast as possible, and the application in the end will consume less memory. :wq out of the file and compile Mozilla using:

make -f client.mk build
gmake -f client.mk build

Some people often omit the dtrace line from .mozconfig and run this command instead:

$ configure --enable-dtrace
$ make or gmake

This works the same way. But I have seen most OpenSolaris people do this when it comes to installing patches to improve the D-Trace functionality.

Step 4: Check for current probes

It is wise that you have 2 Terminals running at this point. 1 will allow you to keep firefox running, the other will allow you to do dtrace grunt work.

In order to pick up any current probes, you must run the firefox-bin while you do these commands. Re-direct yourself to the Mozilla application you will use.

$ cd dist/bin

$ cd dist/Minefield.app/Contents/MacOS

//Run the executable specified with (you may run it in Background if you wish)
$ ./firefox-bin -profilemanager [$]

Upon running, it is wise to create yourself a seperate profile than the one you are using for Firefox. This helps if you have 2 different versions of it running at once.

To get a list of any javascript based probes that are currently running, we will use the dtrace command. For Mac users, you need superuser permissions via sudo to make this command run.

[sudo] dtrace -n 'javascript*' -l

This command will output all currently running scripts matching this naming convention. It will only display probes that are currently running, so firefox must be running in order for this command to output. The output should look something like this (Provider ID may be different):

   ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
20925 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib                      js_Interpret function-args
20926 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib            jsdtrace_function_args function-args
20927 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib                      js_Interpret function-entry
20928 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib           jsdtrace_function_entry function-entry
20929 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib                      js_Interpret function-info
20930 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib            jsdtrace_function_info function-info
20931 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib                      js_Interpret function-return
20932 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib          jsdtrace_function_return function-return
20933 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib                      js_Interpret function-rval
20934 javascript333    libmozjs.dylib            jsdtrace_function_rval function-rval

javascript333 is the unique provider for the probes. 333 is required in case you have 2 programs running that use D-Tracing (replacing the * with the number helps limit your script). libmozjs.dylib is the Mozilla module that has the definition of these probes. Each probe has 5 categories split into 2 functions - the function itself and the interpreter.

A list of all the probe definitions can be found at this blog written by John Rice.

Step 5 - Compiling a D-Trace Script

It is wise to have 2 terminals running. One for Minefield, the other for these commands:

I have written 2 DTrace scripts. The first one captures and outputs any calls found on the function-entry probe (basically the event fired when a function was entered or processed), along with how many times. The second one outputs the I/O buffer sizes your processes use.

D-Trace scripts are .d files that allow the user to interact with the existing probes and do innovative things. If a programmer tends to add new probes to the Mozilla code base, they can use a script to pick up on it to make sure it was implemented and interacted properly.

With your terminal that isn't handling Mozilla Minefield, go to your mozilla home directory and paste this code into it.

#pragma D option quiet

        printf("Tracing... Hit Ctrl-C to end.\n");

        @funcs[basename(copyinstr(arg0)), copyinstr(arg2)] = count();

        printf(" %-32s %-36s %8s\n", "FILE", "FUNC", "CALLS");
        printa(" %-32s %-36s %@8d\n", @funcs);

Quiet will tell the system to post less garbage to the screen with an exception for the print functions. The BEGIN component runs the functions upon running of the script.

The middle will pick up 2 arguments: The filename and function name. And @funcs is the array that will store these in an array-like setup. Each time a duplicate is found, the count on it is increased. END basically loops through the array and displays all the functions picked up and outputs them in chart format when Ctrl+C (kills program) is pressed.

To compile this script, make sure Minefield is running, then use this command on the non-Minefield terminal.

[sudo] dtrace -s js_callcount.d

Do not hit Ctrl+C until you have done some action(s). Such as going to Google.ca, hitting the back button, or whatever modifies the window. Ctrl+C when you are finished. You will get a display of what functions were called and how many times from each file it picked up.

My Test Case - Above code on a website redirection

1) Ran Minefield on first terminal.
2) Ran my D-Script on my second terminal.
3) On Minefield - typed http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santino_Marella and hit Enter.
4) Clicked on the first instance of RAW (should be in basic description field on top of wiki).
5) Ctrl+C'd out of my D-Script on second terminal.
6) Closed Minefield and Ctrl+C'd out of my first terminal.

My results were:

Tracing... Hit Ctrl-C to end.

//Started picking up on my Minefield interactions

 FILE                             FUNC                                    CALLS
 Santino_Marella                  writeln                                     2
 WWE_Raw                          writeln                                     2
 autocomplete.xml                 QueryInterface                              2
 autocomplete.xml                 attachController                            2
 autocomplete.xml                 getBoundingClientRect                       2
 autocomplete.xml                 getComplexValue                             2
 autocomplete.xml                 getIntPref                                  2
 autocomplete.xml                 handleEnter                                 2
 autocomplete.xml                 setConsumeRollupEvent                       2
 autocomplete.xml                 stopSearch                                  2
 browser.js                       BrowserLoadURL                              2
 browser.js                       FillInHTMLTooltip                           2
 browser.js                       addToUrlbarHistory                          2
 browser.js                       canonizeUrl                                 2
 browser.js                       contentAreaClick                            2
 browser.js                       getEngineByAlias                            2
 browser.js                       getPreventDefault                           2
 browser.js                       getShortcutOrURI                            2
 browser.js                       handleURLBarCommand                         2
 browser.js                       loadURI                                     2
 browser.js                       removeEventListener                         2
 browser.js                       search                                      2
 browser.xml                      loadURI                                     2
 browser.xml                      loadURIWithFlags                            2
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook collapseTable           2
 nsSessionStore.js                ConvertFromUnicode                          2
 nsSessionStore.js                Finish                                      2
 nsSessionStore.js                call                                        2
 nsSessionStore.js                filter                                      2
 nsSessionStore.js                finish                                      2
 nsSessionStore.js                getAttribute                                2
 nsSessionStore.js                getElementById                              2
 nsSessionStore.js                getEnumerator                               2
 nsSessionStore.js                getMostRecentWindow                         2
 nsSessionStore.js                pow                                         2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_collectWindowData                       2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_forEachBrowserWindow                    2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_getCurrentState                         2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_getMostRecentBrowserWindow              2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_saveState                               2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_saveWindowHistory                       2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateCookieHosts                       2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateCookies                           2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateTextAndScrollData                 2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateWindowFeatures                    2
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_writeFile                               2
 nsSessionStore.js                toSource                                    2
 nsSessionStore.js                write                                       2
 tabbox.xml                       getAttribute                                2
 tabbox.xml                       getElementsByTagNameNS                      2
 tabbox.xml                       item                                        2
 tabbrowser.xml                   loadURIWithFlags                            2
 textbox.xml                      setAttribute                                2
 textbox.xml                      setSelectionRange                           2
 urlbarBindings.xml               getIntPref                                  2
 urlbarBindings.xml               getService                                  2
 utilityOverlay.js                XPCNativeWrapper function wrapper           2
 utilityOverlay.js                focusElement                                2
 utilityOverlay.js                getService                                  2
 utils.js                         PU_createFixedURI                           2
 utils.js                         PU_getURLAndPostDataForKeyword              2
 utils.js                         PU_markPageAsTyped                          2
 utils.js                         QueryInterface                              2
 utils.js                         createFixupURI                              2
 utils.js                         getURIForKeyword                            2
 utils.js                         markPageAsTyped                             2
 wikibits.js?179                  ts_makeSortable                             2
 autocomplete.xml                 closePopup                                  4
 autocomplete.xml                 detachController                            4
 autocomplete.xml                 initSearchNames                             4
 browser.js                       FullZoom__applyPrefToSetting                4
 browser.js                       FullZoom_onLocationChange                   4
 browser.js                       PSB_updateState                             4
 browser.js                       URLBarSetURI                                4
 browser.js                       UpdateBackForwardCommands                   4
 browser.js                       addEventListener                            4
 browser.js                       charsetLoadListener                         4
 browser.js                       checkForDirectoryListing                    4
 browser.js                       checkLoadURIWithPrincipal                   4
 browser.js                       createExposableURI                          4
 browser.js                       decodeURI                                   4
 browser.js                       getAttribute                                4
 browser.js                       getBoolPref                                 4
 browser.js                       getEngineByName                             4
 browser.js                       getPref                                     4
 browser.js                       losslessDecodeURI                           4
 browser.js                       newURI                                      4
 browser.js                       shouldLoad                                  4
 browser.xml                      attachFormFill                              4
 browser.xml                      getTabBrowser                               4
 browser.xml                      setDocShell                                 4
 browser.xul                      hasAttribute                                4
 button.xml                       getAttribute                                4
 button.xml                       removeAttribute                             4
 button.xml                       setAttribute                                4
 findbar.xml                      getAnonymousElementByAttribute              4
 findbar.xml                      getElement                                  4
 general.xml                      getAttribute                                4
 general.xml                      removeAttribute                             4
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook LinkFA                                      4
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook createCollapseButtons                       4
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook createNavigationBarToggleButton             4
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook sysopFunctions                              4
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook uploadwizard_newusers                       4
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 getElementsByTagName                   4
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 indexOf                                4
 mwsuggest.js?179                 os_initHandlers                             4
 mwsuggest.js?179                 setAttribute                                4
 notification.xml                 getElementsByTagName                        4
 notification.xml                 removeTransientNotifications                4
 nsContentPrefService.js          ContentPrefService__selectPref              4
 nsContentPrefService.js          group                                       4
 nsContentPrefService.js          reset                                       4
 nsContentPrefService.js          step                                        4
 nsLoginManager.js                XPCNativeWrapper function wrapper           4
 nsLoginManager.js                countLogins                                 4
 nsLoginManager.js                newURI                                      4
 nsLoginManager.js                toString                                    4
 nsSessionStore.js                annotateCrashReport                         4
 nsSessionStore.js                getEntryAtIndex                             4
 nsSessionStore.js                getScrollPosition                           4
 nsSessionStore.js                max                                         4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_collectTabData                          4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_saveStateDelayed                        4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_serializeHistoryEntry                   4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateCrashReportURL                    4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateTextAndScrollDataForFrame         4
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_updateTextAndScrollDataForTab           4
 popup.xml                        openPopup                                   4
 reporterOverlay.js               getElementById                              4
 reporterOverlay.js               setAttribute                                4
 storage-Legacy.js                <null>                                      4
 tabbrowser.xml                   QueryInterface                              4
 tabbrowser.xml                   getAnonymousElementByAttribute              4
 tabbrowser.xml                   getNotificationBox                          4
 tabbrowser.xml                   getService                                  4
 tabbrowser.xml                   indexOf                                     4
 tabbrowser.xml                   isFailedFavicon                             4
 tabbrowser.xml                   isFailedIcon                                4
 tabbrowser.xml                   newURI                                      4
 tabbrowser.xml                   schemeIs                                    4
 tabbrowser.xml                   setAndLoadFaviconForPage                    4
 tabbrowser.xml                   setTabTitle                                 4
 tabbrowser.xml                   setTabTitleLoading                          4
 tabbrowser.xml                   shouldLoadFavIcon                           4
 tabbrowser.xml                   updateTitlebar                              4
 textbox.xml                      _updateVisibleText                          4
 textbox.xml                      removeAttribute                             4
 utils.js                         PU_getMostRecentBookmarkForURI              4
 utils.js                         PU_getMostRecentFolderForFeedURI            4
 utils.js                         getBookmarkIdsForURI                        4
 utils.js                         getItemAnnotation                           4
 utils.js                         getItemsWithAnnotation                      4
 viewZoomOverlay.js               getBoolPref                                 4
 wikibits.js?179                  addCheckboxClickHandlers                    4
 wikibits.js?179                  akeytt                                      4
 wikibits.js?179                  getElementsByClassName                      4
 wikibits.js?179                  importScriptURI                             4
 wikibits.js?179                  match                                       4
 wikibits.js?179                  runOnloadHook                               4
 wikibits.js?179                  setupCheckboxShiftClick                     4
 wikibits.js?179                  showTocToggle                               4
 wikibits.js?179                  sortables_init                              4
 autocomplete.xml                 createEvent                                 6
 autocomplete.xml                 dispatchEvent                               6
 autocomplete.xml                 initEvent                                   6
 browser.js                       SetPageProxyState                           6
 nsSessionStore.js                init                                        6
 nsSessionStore.js                now                                         6
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_checkPrivacyLevel                       6
 urlbarBindings.xml               _hideURLTooltip                             6
 browser.js                       hasAttribute                                8
 browser.js                       isSuccessCode                               8
 browser.js                       mimeTypeIsTextBased                         8
 browser.js                       notifyObservers                             8
 contentAreaUtils.js              checkLoadURIStrWithPrincipal                8
 contentAreaUtils.js              getService                                  8
 contentAreaUtils.js              urlSecurityCheck                            8
 controller.js                    getControllerForCommand                     8
 controller.js                    goUpdatePlacesCommands                      8
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook floor                   8
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook insertBefore            8
 nsSessionStore.js                createInstance                              8
 nsSessionStore.js                newURI                                      8
 nsSessionStore.js                schemeIs                                    8
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_getURIFromString                        8
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_onTabLoad                               8
 nsSessionStore.js                substr                                      8
 nsSessionStore.js                test                                        8
 tabbrowser.xml                   getBoolPref                                 8
 tabbrowser.xml                   setIcon                                     8
 text.xml                         setAttribute                                8
 textbox.xml                      _clearEmptyText                             8
 wikibits.js?179                  addEventListener                            8
 wikibits.js?179                  hookEvent                                   8
 browser.js                       PageProxyClearIcon                         10
 nsSessionStore.js                forEach                                    10
 nsSessionStore.js                getIntPref                                 10
 nsSessionStore.js                sss_getWindowDimension                     10
 progressmeter.xml                createEvent                                10
 progressmeter.xml                dispatchEvent                              10
 progressmeter.xml                initEvent                                  10
 progressmeter.xml                setAttribute                               10
 utilityOverlay.js                isValidFeed                                10
 utilityOverlay.js                replace                                    10
 utilityOverlay.js                toLowerCase                                10
 browser.js                       PageProxySetIcon                           12
 browser.js                       QueryInterface                             12
 browser.js                       indexOf                                    12
 browser.js                       push                                       12
 editMenuOverlay.js               goUpdateGlobalEditMenuItems                12
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook createElement          12
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook createTextNode         12
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook random                 12
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook setAttribute           12
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 getElementById                        12
 nsSessionStore.js                QueryInterface                             12
 progressmeter.xml                getAttribute                               12
 progressmeter.xml                round                                      12
 tabbrowser.xml                   getBrowserAtIndex                          12
 tabbrowser.xml                   getBrowserForDocument                      12
 wikibits.js?179                  createElement                              12
 wikibits.js?179                  getElementById                             12
 nsSearchService.js               epsGetAttr                                 14
 nsSearchService.js               step                                       14
 nsSearchService.js               toLowerCase                                14
 nsSessionStore.js                getNext                                    14
 nsSessionStore.js                indexOf                                    14
 nsSessionStore.js                push                                       14
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook appendChild            16
 nsSearchService.js               equals                                     16
 tabbrowser.xml                   getBrowserIndexForDocument                 16
 tabbrowser.xml                   hasAttribute                               16
 tabbrowser.xml                   setAttribute                               16
 tabbrowser.xml                   updateIcon                                 16
 textbox.xml                      hasAttribute                               16
 urlbarBindings.xml               <null>                                     16
 wikibits.js?179                  createTextNode                             16
 wikibits.js?179                  toLowerCase                                16
 wikibits.js?179                  updateTooltipAccessKeys                    16
 autocomplete.xml                 getAnonymousElementByAttribute             18
 browser.xul                      getElementById                             18
 nsSessionStore.js                getService                                 18
 nsSessionStore.js                hasMoreElements                            18
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook getElementsByTagName                       20
 tabbrowser.xml                   removeAttribute                            20
 XPCOMUtils.jsm                   equals                                     22
 browser.xml                      getInterface                               24
 mwsuggest.js?179                 addEventListener                           24
 mwsuggest.js?179                 getElementById                             24
 mwsuggest.js?179                 os_hookEvent                               24
 nsLoginManager.js                <null>                                     24
 tabbrowser.xml                   getAttribute                               24
 wikibits.js?179                  getElementsByTagName                       24
 browser.js                       getService                                 26
 browser.js                       split                                      26
 browser.js                       test                                       26
 nsSearchService.js               exists                                     28
 nsSearchService.js               reset                                      28
 tabbrowser.xml                   getBrowserForTab                           28
 wikibits.js?179                  appendChild                                28
 wikibits.js?179                  indexOf                                    28
 browser.js                       getBrowser                                 30
 browser.js                       toLowerCase                                30
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         MSS__getBookmarks                          32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         MSS__updateMicrosummaries                  32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         getItemsWithAnnotation                     32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         getPref                                    32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         getPrefType                                32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         getService                                 32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         max                                        32
 nsMicrosummaryService.js         now                                        32
 XStringBundle                    GetStringFromName                          36
 XStringBundle                    getString                                  36
 urlbarBindings.xml               clearTimeout                               38
 urlbarBindings.xml               setTimeout                                 38
 wikibits.js?179                  addOnloadHook                              40
 globalOverlay.js                 removeAttribute                            42
 nsSearchService.js               ENSURE_WARN                                42
 nsSearchService.js               NS_ASSERT                                  42
 wikibits.js?179                  test                                       50
 browser.js                       replace                                    54
 browser.js                       XPCNativeWrapper function wrapper          58
 general.xml                      setAttribute                               58
 browser.js                       browser_onSecChange                        64
 wikibits.js?179                  replace                                    64
 autocomplete.xml                 _adjustAcItem                              68
 autocomplete.xml                 getCommentAt                               68
 autocomplete.xml                 getImageAt                                 68
 autocomplete.xml                 getStyleAt                                 68
 autocomplete.xml                 handleText                                 68
 autocomplete.xml                 max                                        68
 browser.js                       LocBar_searchBegin                         68
 browser.js                       LocBar_searchComplete                      68
 browser.js                       URLBarOnInput                              68
 browser.js                       clearTimeout                               68
 autocomplete.xml                 createElementNS                            70
 autocomplete.xml                 getPreventDefault                          70
 autocomplete.xml                 onKeyPress                                 70
 autocomplete.xml                 removeAttribute                            70
 wikibits.js?179                  setAttribute                               70
 browser.js                       getIdentityHandler                         72
 listbox.xml                      clearSelection                             72
 listbox.xml                      splice                                     72
 richlistbox.xml                  _fireOnSelect                              72
 richlistbox.xml                  createEvent                                72
 richlistbox.xml                  dispatchEvent                              72
 richlistbox.xml                  initEvent                                  72
 richlistbox.xml                  removeAttribute                            72
 richlistbox.xml                  updateCommands                             72
 autocomplete.xml                 _appendCurrentResult                       74
 autocomplete.xml                 _invalidate                                74
 autocomplete.xml                 getValueAt                                 74
 autocomplete.xml                 unEscapeURIForUI                           74
 browser.js                       setAttribute                               74
 autocomplete.xml                 getService                                 78
 browser.js                       setTimeout                                 80
 globalOverlay.js                 isCommandEnabled                           80
 urlbarBindings.xml               _initURLTooltip                            88
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook getElementById         90
 browser.xml                      QueryInterface                             94
 controller.js                    updatePlacesCommand                        96
 globalOverlay.js                 getControllerForCommand                    96
 globalOverlay.js                 goUpdateCommand                            96
 wikibits.js?179                  exec                                       96
 reporterOverlay.js               <null>                                    104
 browser.js                       getElementById                            116
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 decodeURI                            118
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 <null>                               122
 autocomplete.xml                 createTextNode                            134
 autocomplete.xml                 _getBoundaryIndices                       136
 autocomplete.xml                 _getSearchTokens                          136
 autocomplete.xml                 _needsAlternateEmphasis                   136
 autocomplete.xml                 _setUpDescription                         136
 autocomplete.xml                 slice                                     136
 autocomplete.xml                 sort                                      136
 autocomplete.xml                 split                                     136
 autocomplete.xml                 apply                                     138
 autocomplete.xml                 fireEvent                                 138
 autocomplete.xml                 _openAutocompletePopup                    142
 autocomplete.xml                 openPopup                                 142
 urlbarBindings.xml               openAutocompletePopup                     142
 browser.js                       removeAttribute                           144
 listbox.xml                      getAttribute                              144
 richlistbox.xml                  ensureElementIsVisible                    144
 autocomplete.xml                 adjustHeight                              148
 autocomplete.xml                 replace                                   148
 globalOverlay.js                 setAttribute                              150
 popup.xml                        hidePopup                                 156
 popup.xml                        QueryInterface                            164
 wikibits.js?179                  getAttribute                              170
 globalOverlay.js                 getElementById                            192
 globalOverlay.js                 goSetCommandEnabled                       192
 autocomplete.xml                 hasAttribute                              198
 autocomplete.xml                 removeChild                               198
 autocomplete.xml                 appendChild                               204
 autocomplete.xml                 indexOf                                   204
 browser.js                       <null>                                    206
 autocomplete.xml                 setTimeout                                210
 autocomplete.xml                 toLowerCase                               272
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook test                  308
 index.php?title=-&action=raw&gen=js&useskin=monobook <null>                324
 autocomplete.xml                 hasChildNodes                             334
 autocomplete.xml                 substr                                    338
 autocomplete.xml                 setAttribute                              344
 autocomplete.xml                 parseInt                                  508
 autocomplete.xml                 min                                       592
 autocomplete.xml                 push                                      610
 javascript&smaxage=21600&maxage=86400 substr                               712
 autocomplete.xml                 getAttribute                             1506
 autocomplete.xml                 charCodeAt                               3876

The probe mainly picked up on Javascript and XML calls. But this is pretty staggering considering my test case was pretty basic, especially the number of times the XML commands were called (most likely utility functions for the Javascript). Feel free to try out your own test cases, but involving more complex things.

Why did I go wrestling themed? Well, I watch WWE Raw/Smackdown quite often, and Santino Marella is a RAW Wrestler. He is a villian using an Italian Stereotype gimmick. I find him quite entertaining to watch because of his microphone skills. Plus, I compiled this script on Thursday (where his WWE.com show - Santino's Casa is uploaded every Thursday) and finished watching it before I compiled this script.