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Intel Advisor

Intel Advisor is a set of tools used to measure the performance of an application.

Group Members


Anojan Sothilingam

Intel Roof-line Analysis

The roofline tool creates a tool line model, to represent an application's performance in relation to hardware limitations, including memory bandwidth and computational peaks. To measure performance we use 2 axes with GFLOPs (Giga Flops/sec) on the y-axis, and AI(Arithmetic Intensity(FLOPs/Byte)) on the x-axis both in log scale, with this we can begin to build our roof-line. Now for any given machine, its CPU can only perform so many FLOPs so we can plot the CPU cap on our chart to represent this. Like the CPU a memory system can only supply so many gigabytes, we can represent this by a diagonal line(N GB/s * X FLOPs/Byte = Y GFLOPs/s). (pic) This chart represents the machine's hardware limitation, and it's best performance at a given AI

Every function, or loop, will have specific AI, when ran we can record its GFLOPs Because we know Its AI won't change and any optimization we do will only change the performance, this is useful when we want to measure the proformance of a given change or optimization.

Intel Sustainability Analysis

Intel Survey Analysis

A Survey analysis will create a Survey Report that outlines instances:

• Where vectorization or parallelization will be most effective

• Describe if vectorized loops are beneficial or not

• Un-vectorized loops and explain why they have been Un-vectorized

• Provide general performance issue

Intel Dependencies Analysis


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2QEM1HpFgg - Roofline Analysis in Intel Advisor tutorial

https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/articles/intel-advisor-roofline.html - Intel Advisor tutorial:roofline