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* Vijey Balasundaram '''[http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/imgs/FSOSS_Report.zip My FSOSS Report]'''
* Vijey Balasundaram '''[http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/imgs/FSOSS_Report.zip My FSOSS Report]'''
* Peter Callaghan [[Open content at fsoss07]]
* Peter Callaghan [[Open content at fsoss07]]
* Aeraj Rehman '''[http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki.imgs/My_FSOSS_Experience.zip My FSOSS Experience]'''

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FSOSS is a major gathering of North American open source developers, businesses, educators, and users. The goal of the symposium is to explore how open source, open standards, and open content are changing technology, the web, the media and arts, education, and business. This year's speakers reflects this.

You will document a portion of the symposium, and provide a critical analysis of what you hear.


Your report must be 2,500 words and include:

  • Summaries of two talks.
    • What was each talk about?
    • What was the speaker's main point?
    • What was the speaker's background and point of view?
  • Analysis of each speaker's views on open source. He/she may not mention it explicitly. You must listen and try to understand based on what they are saying, and perhaps not saying.
  • Comparison of the points made by the presenters.
    • What can you say about open source in the light of the points they made?
    • Do the speakers have similar views of open source or do they disagree?
    • How so?
  • Conclusion about your views on open source
    • Does the picture of open source you've seen presented in these talks challenge or confirm your own views about what open source is and how it functions?


Due Date Friday November 2nd. Please submit your work via the wiki (i.e., no paper copy required) by adding a link to your report below.

Student Reports