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DPS909 & OSD600 Winter 2017 Release 0.3

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Release 0.3


  1. Complete your Pull Request(s) for Thimble (or Brackets, depending on the fix)
  2. Write a Blog Post that discusses the bug, the fix, what you learned, any struggles you overcame, your reflections on solving your first bug in a project as complex as Mozilla's Thimble editor.
  3. Add your Name, Pull Request URL, and Blog URL below in the table

Getting Help

If you are having trouble with your issue, and feel stuck, you can do a few things:

  • Ask for help in your issue by adding a comment with your questions
  • Email me:
  • Use Mozilla's Mattermost live chat system to talk directly to the Mozilla Thimble developers, see the Contact Us section at for details.

Fixing real bugs in real code often means running into new and difficult problems. Don't panic if you're having trouble, reach out to someone for help, and we'll work together to solve it.

# Name Pull Request(s) (URL) Blog Post (URL)
1 Heetai Park
2 Christopher Singh
3 Margaryta Chepiga
4 Eduardo Sorozabal
5 Andrey Bykin
6 Zenan Zha
7 Oleg Mytryniuk
8 Badr Modoukh
9 Tiago Araujo Aguiar
10 Dang Khue Tran
11 Nagashashank P
12 Theo D
13 Len Isac
14 John James
15 Timothy Moy
16 Simon de Almeida
17 Kevin Ramsamujh
18 Peiying Yang
19 Dmytro Sych
20 Max Fainshtein
21 Jerry Goguette
22 Shivam Gupta
23 Eugueni Antsyferov
24 John (Bohoon) Kim
25 Arsalan Khalid
26 Wayne Williams
27 Rahul Gupta