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DPS909 & OSD600 Winter 2017 - Lab 9

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Open Source Tooling and Automation Part 3: Deploy to Heroku

In this lab you will extend your previous lab's code to include cloud PaaS deployment. Being able to run your code on cloud infrastructure, whether for testing, prototyping, collaboration, etc. is critical. It's also free, and easy!

Please following the instructions in the doc at

When you are done, write a blog post about the experience, including:

  • what you did
  • what you learned
  • things you found interesting or difficult.

Make sure you include links to things you discuss in your blog.

After you've done deploying to Heroku, add your name, the healthcheck url on Heroku for your app, and your blog post:

# Name Heroku App healthcheck route (URL) Blog Post (URL)
1 Simon de Almeida TBA
2 Max Fainshtein
3 Andrey Bykin
4 Kevin Ramsamujh
5 Heetai Park
6 Oleg Mytryniuk
7 Bohoon John Kim
8 Brandon Bhagwandeen
9 Dang Khue Tran
10 Badr Modoukh
11 Ray Gervais
12 Arsalan Khalid
13 Len Isac
14 Theo D
15 Maya Filipp
16 Nagashashank P
17 Margaryta Chepiga
18 Xiao Lei Huang
19 Timothy Moy
20 Christopher Singh
21 Dmytro Sych
22 John James
23 Eduardo Sorozabal
24 Tiago A Aguiar
25 Shivam Gupta
26 Peiying Yang
27 Jerry Goguette
28 Eugueni Antsyferov
29 Rahul Gupta