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DPS909 & OSD600 Winter 2017 - Lab 5

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Preparing for Release 0.2 in Mozilla Thimble

In this lab you will find bug(s) to fix for your 0.2 release.

1. Picking your Bug(s)

In this release, I want you to try and extend yourself a bit from what you did in 0.1. Maybe you'll work on 2 small bugs instead of 1; or maybe you'll choose a larger bug to fix. It doesn't need to be a huge jump, but try to challenge yourself a bit more this time.

You can look at existing bugs in the following categories:

You might also want to file a bug of your own, and fix an issue you've noticed while working on 0.1.

Please talk with Dave about your choice and get then claim the bug by adding a comment to the issue saying you'd like to work on it.

2. Blog about your Bug(s)

Write a blog post about the bug(s) you've chosen for release 0.2. Can you reproduce it? Talk about how you think you'll fix it. Which parts of the code do you think it affects? What questions do you have about how you have to handle it?

After you've picked your bug, add your name and the issue number(s) to the table below

# Name Issue(s) (URL) Blog Post (URL)
1 Simon de Almeida adobe#13099
2 Theo Dule
3 Badr Modoukh
4 Andrey Bykin
5 Oleg Mytryniuk
6 Ray Gervais
7 Jerry Goguette
8 Wayne Williams
9 Timothy Moy
10 Christopher Singh
11 John James
12 Dmytro Sych
13 Heetai Park
14 Eugueni Antsyferov
15 ZenanZha
16 Len Isac Issue #1738 Issue #240
17 Dang Khue Tran
18 Xiao Lei Huang
19 Peiying Yang(Brian) issue1745-Allows user to edit SVG file as XML
issue606 - `allowJavascript` preference not honored on refresh
20 Margaryta Chepiga
21 Kevin Ramsamujh
22 Nagashashank P
23 Shivam Gupta
24 Tiago Aguiar
25 John (Bohoon) Kim
26 Rahul Gupta
27 Eduardo Sorozabal