DPS909 & OSD600 Winter 2017 - Lab 3

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Finding a Bug to Fix in Mozilla Thimble

In this lab you will contribute to Mozilla's Thimble code editor, and a fix an existing bug. This lab will build on skills you learned in Lab 2.

1. Intro to Thimble

I've written a walkthrough blog post describing Thimble, how to set it up locally, and how to find and fix a bug. Take some time to read through this.

For this lab, you're going to do two things:

  • Set up Thimble locally on your computer
  • Pick a bug to work on for your first release

2. Setting up Bramble and Thimble

Before you can work on Thimble on your computer, you need to install the necessary development environment. The complete list of what you need to install is documented in the Thimble readme.

You should familiarize yourself with all of the following, which are used to host/run Thimble services:

Once you get Thimble running locally, take a screenshot in your browser and include that in your blog post.

3. Pick a Bug

For our first contribution to Thimble I suggest you look at the list of good first bugs. Read through these bugs and find one you'd like to try. It's OK if you're not sure how to fix it yet, part of what you're doing in this course is learning how to become productive in new and unfamiliar code.

Indicate in the bug that you'd like to work on it by leaving a comment. Only 1 person per bug, please; however, there are some bugs that can be split up into different parts. Talk to me if you're unsure.

After you've picked your bug, add your name and the issue number to the table below

Name Issue (URL) Blog Post (URL)
Simon de Almeida https://github.com/mozilla/thimble.mozilla.org/issues/981 TBA


You will have completed your lab when you have done the following:

  • Setup Bramble and Thimble on your local computer, and taken a screenshot of it running in your browser
  • Picked a bug to fix in Thimble
  • Written a blog post discussing what it was like setting up Thimble, what you learned, and which bug you chose. What is the bug about?
  • Added a row to the table above with your name, issue URL, and blog post URL.