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|Ilya Zhuravlev
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Getting Ready for Hacktoberfest

Due Date

Friday Sept 27 before midnight.


This lab will help prepare you for Release 0.2, participating in Hacktoberfest.

Our goal is to make a plan for what you'll work on, and to set some personal goals.

Step 1: Read Release 0.2

Begin by reading Release 0.2, and familiarize yourself with what's expected for this assignment.

Step 2: Set some Personal Goals

Think about what your goals will be during October. You are expected to "progress" as you work. What will progress mean for you? For example, you might:

  • learn a new programming language
  • use your ability in a language other than English to help do translations
  • get involved in a project that you find interesting
  • work on code fixes that relate to some programming topic that you love
  • learn more about how to use git
  • meet new people in a particular community
  • see your code ship in a project/product you use every day
  • help mentor other people as they work on fixes
  • work with other developers in the class or across the globe
  • do something that seems hard or scary to you right now

Come up with at least 2 goals for yourself. Make sure they are something you can commit to in the time you have. Don't set yourself up for failure by aiming too high. Open source is all about small, incremental steps. Success breeds success.

Step 3: Find Projects/Issues to Work On

With your goals in mind, use the links in the Release 0.2 doc to start finding suitable Projects and Issues to work on during October. Find at least 3 possible Issues you'd be interested in attempting. NOTE: it's OK if you don't end up working on these, but it's good to have a start. You can also give them to other students if they need an issue.

Step 4: Blog

Write a blog post that discusses everything you did, decided, and found in Steps 1-3 above. Talk about how you'll approach Hacktoberfest and your 2+ goals. Why did you choose them? Why are they important to you? What will you do to achieve them? How will you measure your own progress?

Talk about the projects and issues (3+) you found. Why did you pick them? What will you do in order to prepare yourself to start working on the fixes?


Complete the steps above and then add your information to the table below.

Name Blog Post (URL)
Example Name
Cheng-Tuo Shueh
Robert Begna
Wajeeh Sheikh
Hansal Bachkaniwala
Sarika Hanif
Sina Lahsaee
Ehsan Ekbatani
Ngoc Nam Khang Nguyen
Hansol Cho
Bruno Alexander Cremonese de Morais
Andre Luiz Valle-Rosa
David Medeiros
Jordan Hui
Varshan Nagarajan
Jayson Sherry
Minyi Chen
Jacob Shuman
Bowei Yao
Ryan Wilson
Brett Dennis
Julie Philip James
Neil Ong
Carlos A. Gomez
Adith Syam
Kartik Budhiraja
Gia Tuong Tran
Wing Tung Lau
Jatin Arora
Cindy Le
Timothy Morris
Xin (Jack) Nian
Krystyna Lopez
Paul Luu
Thomas Luu
Haichuan He
Muqing Li
Calvin Ho
Daniel Beigi
Hayley McIldoon
Jordan Sie
Manan Patel
Rafael Ungar
Miguel Roncancio
Evelyn Yeung
Reza Rajabi
Ana Garcia
James Inkster
Minuk Park
Sefa Baah - Acheamphour
Josue Quilon Barrios
Ryan Marzec
Nazneen Nahar
Matthew Clifford
Sukhbeer Dhillon
Igor Naperkovskiy
Siwen Feng
Mykola Skuybeda
Anton Biriukov
Ilya Zhuravlev
Yohan Choi
Zufishan Ali
Musawar Bajwa
Pavan Kamra
Luca Cataldo