DPS909 & OSD600 Fall 2019

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Week 1

  • Course introduction
  • Labs
    • Weekly labs, typically done in class
    • Labs are due on the Friday of the week they are assigned by midnight
    • Marked using Pass/Fail scheme
    • All labs must be completed to pass the course
    • Lab 1 is available now
  • Releases
    • 4 releases, some with multiple bugs/PRs required, including participating in Hacktoberfest 2019
    • Due Dates: Sept 20, Oct 31, Nov 20, Dec 6
    • Chance to work on real code, real projects
    • Big learning curve, lots of time required
    • Amazing chance to gain experience, network, build your skills and resume
    • Work with new and emerging technologies, gain exposure to tech outside the classroom
  • Discussion/Readings
    • Copyright (Copyright in Canada video)
      • IANAL
      • Who created it, "owns" it.
      • Set of exclusive rights granted to the work's creator
      • "The right to copy," to produce or reproduce a work or substantial portion thereof
      • Copyright is automatic when a work is created, you don't have to register it.
      • Copyright in Canada
      • Copyright Guide
      • In a software project, there can be many copyright holders (e.g., many contributors), or all contributors may assign their copyright to the project (e.g., CLA, which we'll cover later)

Week 2

  • Blogging
    • Add bio/profile info as you feel comfortable, including links to GitHub, social media, etc.
    • Use blog post titles that help a reader (or Google searcher) to know whether this is useful info to them
    • Include links: a blog should connect different resources and ideas through your experience and learning
    • Write in sections. Try to avoid a wall of text, with only a single paragraph. Consider using sub-headings, shorter paragraphs
    • Use formatting for source code.
  • One good source of blog posts on open source and software development is Hacker News
  • Licenses
    • Rights, privileges, responsibilities, etc. applicable to someone other than the work's creator
    • "Terms and Conditions"
    • These must be granted by a copyright holder
  • Discussion of projects found for Lab 1
  • Lab 2
  • Release 0.1 will be released this week