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DPS909/OSD600 Winter 2019 Lab 8

0.3 and 0.4 Open Source Projects

Due Date

Friday March 15.


  • Find and document the Project(s) and Issues you will work on for 0.3 and 0.4
  • Blog about your chosen projects and issues, and why you chose them
  • Add your Name and URLs to the table at the end of this lab


Name Project(s) (Names) Issues (URLs) Blog Post (URL)
Woosle Park Much Assembly Required, Mission Pinball,
Priyam Brahmbhatt TeacherFund_next, JavaScript-algorithm,
Nathaniel Ngo Visual Studio Code
Jacob Adach buttercup desktop application
Harsh Patel Marquez, Sloth(Android),
Olena Vyshnevska Slothpixel
Jatin Kumar WordPress-Android Issue1 [1], Issue2 [2], Issue3 [3]
Oleksii Polovyi Buttercup mobile, Pandas Issue1 [4], Issue2 [5]
Yuansheng Lu Bootstrap Slider, Angular Bootstrap Slider Issue1 [6], Issue2 [7]
Sahib Arora MS VScode Issue [8]
Paul Moon Miunie Issue 1[9] Blog Post [10]
Colin Chumak TypeScript Issue 1[11], Issue 2[12] Blog Post [13]
David Li Nodejs, excaliburjs Nodejs[14], excaliburjs[15]
Vincent Logozzo calculator, microsoft-ui-xaml calculator[16], microsoft-ui-xaml[17]
Vladimir Rozin penguinV, OpenCV Issue#1, [18], Issue #2 [19]
Anh Hoai Ung emscripten,speak.js Issue Emscripten [20] Issue speak.js [21]
Iryna Thompson mozilla/network-pulse, topcoder-platform/community-app Issue 1 [22], Issue 2 [23]
Xiaowei Huang MarquezProject, presto,
Brandon Wissmann issue 1, issue 2 Blog Post
Rachael Scotchmer filerjs, Aseprite issue 1, issue 2 Blog Post
Ahmed Deeb AvaJS, Vuejs issue 1, issue 2 Blog Post
Alexei Bonilla Microsoft, Mission Pinball issue 1, issue 2
Abdirahman Guled Wired-element, Azan [24], [25]
Aqeel Parpia Android Development, Ios Development [26], []
Adel El Masery Miunie Discord Bot
Kevin Chan React-RPG,,