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DPS909/OSD600 Winter 2019 Lab 3

Discovering Open Source Projects

Due Date

Friday Feb 8.


  • Research 3 potential open source projects on GitHub you might like to work on
  • Blog about your chosen projects, and why you chose them
  • Add your Name and URLs to the table at the end of this lab

Contributing starts with you

During the remainder of the course, we'll be contributing to real open source projects, most of them on GitHub. Before we can add new features or fix bugs, we need to find possible projects.

Picking a project to work on involves first answering some questions about yourself:

  • which programming languages, and technology stacks do I like to work in?
  • which programming languages, and technology stacks would I be interested in learning?
  • what sorts of programs, systems, technologies interest me?

For example, you might be strong in web technologies, and interested in learning more about Python. Similarly, you might love working with data, and want to learn more about data science, machine learning, or visualization.

Someone else might love low-level programming, and want to find something related to C/C++ and embedded devices.

Yet another person might be interested in Java and Android development.

Write a short profile about yourself in this post, and try to figure out what you should look for, and what you should avoid.

Look for projects that match your profile

There are literally millions of open source projects you can work on. Use your profile above to narrow your search a bit.

Find 3 potential projects that you'd like to work on during the course. Here are some links to get you started:

Also, talk to other students. Many students have worked on open source projects at Seneca. Ask them what they liked doing.

Write about your chosen projects

Write a blog post about the projects you found:

  • What is the project?
  • What are some important links (website, github repo, docs, etc)
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What would you like to do with the project?
  • What would you need to learn?

Write about these projects in connection with your own personal profile of skills and interests.


Name 3 Projects (Names) Blog Post (URL)
Student Name Project 1, Project 2, Project 3
Vladimir Rozin OpenCV [1], TensorFlow [2], ggez [3], Servo [4]
Woosle Park OpenRTC2 [5], Godot [6], React [7]
Nathaniel Ngo Brave Android Browser[8], Electron[9], Node.js[10]
Rachael Scotchmer Bibisco[11], React-JSONSchema-Form [12], BookStack [13]
Alexei Bonilla Pomber[14], opencv[15], HexGL[16]
Olena Vyshnevska Kubernetes[17], Moby[18], Istio[19]
Priyanka Dhiman Angular[20], BootStrap[21], Laravel[22]
Iryna Thompson Brave-browser[23], Thimble[24], Addons-frontend[25]
Paul Moon OBS[26], Bitwarden[27], Angular[28]
Brandon Wissmann Hyper[29], MetaMask[30], Leiningen[31]
Xiaowei Huang OpenRefine[32], DBeaver[33], FESCAR[34]
Jacob Adach GATSBY[35], MAILPIPE[36], VSCODE[37]
Yuansheng Lu best-resume-ever[38], bootstrap-slider[39], handsontable[40]
Al Vincent Valdez OpenTTD[41], godot-engine[42], Jarvis-on-Messenger[43]
jiajie feng Brave-browser[44],openRefine[45], Hyper[46]
Oleksandr Tkach Golang [47], Playcanvas [48], Angular [49]
Colin Chumak Apache Superset[50], Chart.js[51], Atom[52]
Arash Negari Syncfusion[53], Adguard[54], Brave[55]
Oleksii Polovyi Brave[56], Pandas[57], TensorFlow[58]
Anh Hoai Ung Untrusted[59], Command & Conquer [60], BananaBread[61]
Sahib Arora Sinatra[62], NodeJS[63], VSCODE[64]
Dillon Coull TensorFlow[65], Concept to Clinic [66], eapopt [67]
David Li pdf.js[68], nodejs[69], react[70]
Ahmed Deeb Flutter[71], VsCode[72],GatsbyJS[73]
Priyam Brahmbhatt NativeScript[74], React Native[75], TEAMMATES[76]
Jatin Kumar VS Code[77], Brave[78], Duck Duck Go[79], Teammates[80]
Abdirahman Guled React native, React, Angular
Vincent Logozzo Weakauras, VScode, Node.js
Kevin Chan iD, Teammates, React
QingLian Liu AWS, Chrome and Ubuntu Linux
Harsh Patel Spring Boot, NativeScript, Core
Andrew Koung Moment, React, React Native
Aqeel Parpia Futurice[81],Planetoftheweb[82],Brave/Browser-android-tabs[83]
Adel El Masery OBS, RCT2, GitHub Desktop