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DPS909/OSD600 Winter 2019 Lab 2

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Expand your Knowledge of Git

Due Date

Friday Feb 1.


  • Install and set-up git
  • Research 2 git commands you don't know, blog about how to use them
  • Add your Name and URLs to the table at the end of this lab

Setup Git and GitHub

We'll use git and GitHub throughout this course to contribute to open source projects. You'll need to get both properly setup, installed and configured. Follow the instructions from the Week 3 notes to get your name, email, editor, line endings, etc. setup for git.

Pick 2 New Git Commands

No matter if you're brand new to git, or been using it for years, there are commands you don't know. Git is a complex tool, which can be used in many different ways.

Research two git commands you've never used, or want to learn:

  • find the official docs for the commands
  • which flags, sub-commands, or other options are available? What do they do? When would you use them?
  • find some example pages, blogs, etc. that show examples of how to use these commands
  • see if you can find any YouTube videos or other non-print resources on the commands

Write a Technical Blog Post on your chosen git Commands

Technical blog posts are meant to inform, educate, and serve as a learning resource for developers. Write a technical blog post about your chosen git commands. Include links to the docs and other resources you found above. Also, include some short examples to teach someone how to use these commands.

See Jess Frazelle's recent post on using Unix Pipes as a good example of a technical post.


Name Git Commands Blog Post (URL)
Andrew Koung stash and cherry-pick
Woosle Park log and diff
Brandon Wissmann tag and show
Vladimir Rozin fetch and tag
Nathaniel Ngo reset and merge
Jatin Kumar log and remote
Yuansheng Lu merge and branch
Olena Vyshnevska reset and checkout
Jacob Adach reset and revert
Alexei Bonilla clone and init
Xiaowei Huang stash and rm
Al Vincent Valdez blame and merge
Oleksandr Tkach branch and grep
Priyam Brahmbhatt diff and log
Priyanka Dhiman stash and revert