DPS901 Cerebral Thought

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Cerebral Thought

Game Name

  1. Shayan Zafar Ahmad
  2. Richard Eyre
  3. Jordan Raffoul
  4. Gerald Wan

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Member Tasks

Member Role
Shayan Zafar Ahmad Sound
Jordan Raffoul Input
Rick Eyre Graphics
Gerald Wan Graphics


Team Notes

Map of the World of the Game

Moderator's - Instructors Comments

Team Meeting Archive

Meeting: #01 Date/Time: 09/19/2010:9:50am

What type of features should a game have?


More Technical Features are required such as: different types of graphics, input and sound rather than gameplay

Future Plan(s)

Create a list of technical features to implement and arrange for another meeting on thursday after class(09/23/2010 at 9:50am)