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Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      40%   
Individual work: 60% + 
Total           100%


Repo ID

Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Team Members' Emails

  1. Neil Guzman
  2. Alex Craig
  3. Mark Aronin
  4. eMail All


Our game will be a 3D rail shooter/shoot 'em up set in space. Objective is to reach the end point without dying to space debris, obstacles, and enemies.

Group Member Roles


  • Collision Detection


  • Camerawork (3rd person camera)


  • Modelling (COLLADA and stuff)


  • Improve Texturing


  • Interface

Framework and Our Project
Feature Framework
Changeable resolution In framework
Directionaly fixed moving camera Need to add
Control sound volume Need to add
Hide HUD In framework
Enemies Need to add
Controller support In framework
Mouse support In framework
Crosshair Need to add
Highscore for points Need to add

Must Have

Good to Have

Add if Time Permits

Map of the World of the Game