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Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      40%   
Individual work: 60% + 
Total           100%


Repo ID

Trunk Status

committed by [NAME] / being committed by [NAME]

Team Members' Emails

  1. Neil Guzman
  2. Alex Craig
  3. Mark Aronin
  4. eMail All


The basic idea of our game is that you are in a flying spaceship. The way the game works is by having a camera which is moving on a fixed path along with a spaceship which you control on the screen that is unable leave the camera`s view. You are able to move the spaceship either up or down, left or right. The camera moves forward along with your ship. Along the way, you may encounter enemies which may or may not shoot at you and/or make your progress more difficult (crashing into you or shooting you down, forcing you to restart the game). You may also encounter moving or static obstacles such as asteroids or pillars/buildings. Your goals is to reach the end of the level without your health/shield falling below 0% and get as many points as possible by avoiding getting hit and destroying enemies.

Group Member Roles


  • Collision Detection


  • Camerawork (3rd person camera)


  • Improve Texturing/Modeling

Framework and Our Project

Feature Framework Priority
Changeable resolution In framework
Directionaly fixed moving camera Need to add High
Control sound volume Need to add Medium
Hide HUD In framework -
Improved UI(Shield, score, etc) In framework, needs modification Medium
Enemies Need to add High
Controller support In framework -
Mouse support In framework -
Crosshair Need to add High
Highscore for points Need to add Low
Debris Need to add High
Fireable weapons Need to add High
Rings to fly through for points Need to add low

Map of the World of the Game