Create Content Security Policy test suite

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Project Name

Create Content Security Policy test suite

Project Description

Adding Content Restrictions functionality to Firefox means that sites could restrict types of locations for loaded scripts and other unsafe content. The Content Security Policy is intended to mitigate a large class of Web Application Vulnerabilities: Cross Site Scripting. In order for this to be written properly, a full test suite is required, which can test such things as inline scripts, javascript URLs, all event handler attributes (onclick, etc), plugins, frames, data urls, and XBL.

Project Leader(s)

References: Content Security Policy, bug 411791, bug 390910

Resources: bsterne, dveditz, shaver Piratheep Mahenthiran

Project Contributor(s)

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Project News

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oct 31

- talked to humph regarding the situation of the project

- send a reply to bsterine ...