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This page lists things that people need done, but which aren't large enough to make an entire project. If you see something you want to do, contact the person who posted it, and when it's done, remove it from this list.

  • (cathy) - I could always use more demos using C3DL ( 3D models would be great also
  • (humph, ted) - Test gold linker with the Mozilla build. Use export LD=gold and time a build with and without using gold. (
  • (humph, ctyler) - I need a way to automate the checkout/indexing for DXR such that it can stay up to date. To do this, I need someone to write a script to move source code and indexes from a dev machine to a production box and swap out old content for new.
  • (ctyler) - tag wiki pages with Categories.
  • (AaronMT/Ehsan) - Testing is needed on the private browsing service. If you have written an extension in the past or are going to, it would sweet if you also test the new API found here
  • (Patrick Lam) - Provide your build time from scratch and rebuilt of FireFox.