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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

Automating The Synchronization of NexJ Server Express External Repository(Oct 6, 2010)

The solution that is proposed contains three main tasks:

1.Checking for new Change Sets on the Internal Repository
2.Building and Unit Testing each Change Set
3.Creating a patch from a Change Set and applying it to the External Repository


Part 1 – Checking for new Change Sets on the Internal Repository

At a scheduled time, a process will run that will compare the current Revision ID of the External Repository to that in the Internal Repository. If there is a new revision/s in the Internal Repository, then these changes will be pulled to the Controller.

Part 2 – Building and Unit Testing Each Change Set

Each change set Pulled from the Internal Repository is built on the Controller using the “build” target in the Ant script and after a successful build is tested with JUnit Tests.

Part 3 – Applying a Change Set to the External Repository

A patch will be created only after a change set is built and tested successfully. This patch will then be applied to the External Repository.