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Continuous Integration

This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

Continuous Integration Project for NexJ Express Code

Project goal

Currently, NexJ has a Mercurial Repository (Internal) in which, the NexJ Express Server (Core) code is maintained with all its histories. NexJ is planning to share a Core Repository with the Open Source Community by creating a Repository (External) that will be kept in sync with the Internal Repository.


Current Status

Project Completed

Project Phases

Phase 1: Design Proposal (Done)

  • Get requirements from NexJ
  • Incorporate requirements from NexJ into Design of algorithm for syncing repositories
  • Provide the proposal for review and approved - final version of proposal , Google Doc

Phase 2: Creating Similar Environment (Done)

  • Internal Repository
    • Creating a Mercurial repository and adding some changes to it to grow the history of it.
  • Controller
    • This will be containing temporary repositories as the result of scripting.
  • External Repository
    • Creating another Mercurial repository using 'hg' commands from the latest 'change-set' of Internal Repository.

Phase 3: Scripting (Done)

  • Ant
    • Doesn't support some of non-regular Mercurial commands that we need to play with change-sets
  • Bash
    • Supports everything we need for the project. script

Phase 4: Running the script on CI system (Done)

  • Buildbot
  • Hudson
    • Simple to setup and configure.
    • Runs different types of scripts: bash, ant, batch
    • Can be scheduled to run automatically or manually
    • Test Project

Phase 5: Code Review (Done)

  • Execute the script on one of Nexj computers.

Phase 6: Make Changes as per Code Review (Done)

  • Define paths based on Nexj's requirements
  • Modify the script to be able to retrieve change-sets of a remote repository
  • Create specific error message for each problem during running the script

Phase 7: Code Review (Done)