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Release 0.1

Before anything, go to YourRepository/branches/fardad/bio_additions_changes and open iol.h and iol.c.

  1. Replace your iol.h content with mine (if you have any custom additions to your iol.h that mine does not cover it, add your custom prototypes and definitions. (note that my iol.h covers 4 platforms [compiler/operating systems]).
  2. Add the memory buffering logic that prevents flickering (the first 74 lines of code) to the top of your oil.c logic; (getBufChar,setBufChar, putMemch, scrbuf, curRow, curCol, bufrows, bufcols, alocScrBufMem, clrMemScr, freeScrBufMem, iol_capture, iol_restore, iol_getCurPos, iol_freeCapture)
  3. Replace your platform dependent logic with mine ( line 76 to 304) that are:
    1. iol_init
    2. iol_end
    3. iol_rows
    4. iol_cols
    5. iol_clrscr
    6. iol_flush
    7. iol_getch
    8. iol_movecur
    9. iol_putch
    10. iol_prnstr
  4. Compile the new additions with your iolmain.c, everything should work like before.
Instead of replacing the whole logic, you could modify your functions with my additions, but since you have only two platforms covered in your logic, It may be easier to just replace your platform dependent logic with mine.


Adding Buffering logic to your iol logic

Duedate: Sunday Jul 24th, 23:59;