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OSD600 Project Plan


HTML5/Video Comic Book

Project Description

Mozilla is creating a web-based comic book application, which uses video, canvas, and other HTML5 features. This project will help create the back-end JavaScript necessary to make things work with the video and canvas in the page.


Release 0.1

  • A video move through 3 divs on a page,
  • Use timecodes provided by Brett execute javascript
  • Create an effect to resemble comic books

Project Leader(s)

  • Brian Law

Project Contributors(s)

Demo Details


When the Play button is pressed on the video the frames from that video will be written to a number of canvases. The first canvas is just a straight frame by frame copy of the video. The second canvas is trying to mimic a comic book style by modifying frames to create solid colours. The last row of canvases are having the video frames written to them with offsets to give the effect of a moving video.

The video time is being tracked which will eventually be used to execute javascript at time intervals.

Useful Links

Manaipulating Green Screen Video

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Project News