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(Release 0.1 (In Progress))
(Release 0.2 (In Progress))
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*Create an effect to resemble comic books
*Create an effect to resemble comic books
===Release 0.2 (In Progress)===
===Release 0.2===
*Combine close-pixelate.js and video
*Combine close-pixelate.js and video

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OSD600 Project Plan


HTML5/Video Comic Book

Project Description

Mozilla is creating a web-based comic book application, which uses video, canvas, and other HTML5 features. This project will help create the back-end JavaScript necessary to make things work with the video and canvas in the page.


Release 0.1

  • A video move through 3 divs on a page
  • Use timecodes provided by Brett execute javascript
  • Create an effect to resemble comic books

Release 0.2

  • Combine close-pixelate.js and video

Project Leader(s)

  • Brian Law

Project Contributors(s)


Demo 0.1

When the Play button is pressed on the video the frames from that video will be written to a number of canvases. The first canvas is just a straight frame by frame copy of the video. The second canvas is trying to mimic a comic book style by modifying frames to create solid colours. The last row of canvases are having the video frames written to them with offsets to give the effect of a moving video.

The video time is being tracked which will eventually be used to execute javascript at time intervals.

Useful Links

Manaipulating Green Screen Video

Close Pixelate

Project News

Current Issues

  • I've combined the close pixelate library together with video but it's quite choppy. This is probably because of the amount processing required to render the effect.