Colour Management Tests

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Colour Management Tests

Project Description

Write reftests to compare images in order to deal with floating point tolerance. This includes dealing with things like Monitor Profiles, profiles in JPEG (i.e., JPEGs get changed based on colour profile info). See discussion of colour profiles in Firefox 3 here. It would be useful to be able to compare to PNGs with a reftest, perhaps creating an image diff tool, where pixels outside a floating point tolerance (> 0.n) would somehow be highlighted so you can see what is different. Done.

This will require some graphics and image knowledge (i.e., Photoshop, what colour is on a computer, etc).

Project Leader(s)

Ezadkiel Villarico Marbella Project Blog

Project Contributor(s)

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Project Details


TechNote001: Reftest framework contains image rendering reftests in module/libpr0n/test/reftest inside the mozilla source.

Technote002: You must enable colour management you must go to your about:config and search for gfx.color_management.mode and switch it to 1

Technote003: What are ways to embed colour profiles into images? Photoshop does it.

Technote004: Create Images with sRGB colour profile embedded.

Technote005: Tricky bit on rendering to get the firefox rendering back as an image.

Technote006: A way to do this Draw the image into a canvas Then call toDataURL or getPixelData to get the pixels out. It doesn't reverse-colour-correct the data read from canvas methods which is incorrect, but useful. Reftests already give a data URL when the test fails.



no information

Technote007: Use URI scheme for reftest DATA URI Scheme Wiki

Technote008: How do you see pixels outside a floating point tolerance (> 0.n) ?

Techtool001: layout/tools/reftest/

URI kitchen URI Encoder

Project News

- Sept 19/08

made some builds with --enabled-tests

learning how to make reftests.

reading over notes etc.