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|[[User:Bo Liu|Bo]]||Liu||B||[mailto:bliu54@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 bliu54]||bobliuf||[[Special:Contributions/Bo Liu|Bo Liu]]||bobliuf||[http://twitter.com/ Boliu's blog]
|[[User:Bo Liu|Bo]]||Liu||B||[mailto:bliu54@myseneca.ca?subject=oop344 bliu54]||bobliuf||[[Special:Contributions/Bo Liu|Bo Liu]]||bobliuf||[http://bobliuf.blogspot.ca/ Boliu's blog]

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Team Name (Code Hunters)

Project Marking Percentage

  • due immediately

Group work:      45%        (25 <= xx <= 50)
Individual work: 55% +      (50 <= xx <= 75) 
Total           100%


  • repo Github id:

Team Members

Code Hunters Members
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id GITHUB ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Steven (Szu-Han) Chen B sschen4 chensteven chensteven chensteven Steven's Blog
Joshua Lane B jlane4 jlane4 Joshua Lane jlane4 Joshua Lane oop344
Bo Liu B bliu54 bobliuf Bo Liu bobliuf Boliu's blog
Stanislav Yeshchenko B syeshchenko syeshchenko Stanislav Yeshchenko stan_seneca Stan's OOP344 blog
Yun Yang B yyang154 hamumu Yun Yang hamumu yun's oop344

Issues and Status

0.2 Milestone (Due Fri 9th)

  1. Add console class to project and test with cio_test (issue 1) (By Joshua Reviewed By Stanislav)
  2. Create Mock-up classes
    Create the class files (header and cpp) with blank methods and make sure they compile
    1. CField Mock-up Class (issue 2.1) (By Bo Reviewed by Yun)
    2. CLabel Mock-up Class (issue 2.2) (By Yun Reviewed by Stanislav)
    3. CDialog Mock-up Class (issue 2.3) (By Steven, Stanislav and Yun Reviewed by Joshua
    4. CLineEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.4) (By Stanislav Reviewed by Steven)
    5. CButton Mock-up Class (issue 2.5) (By Joshua Reviewed by Yun)
    6. CValEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.6) (By Yun Reviewed by Joshua)
    7. CCheckMark Mock-up Class (issue 2.7) (By Bo Reviewed by Steven)
    8. CText
      1. Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.8.1) (By Steven Reviewed by Bo)
      2. CText Mock-up Class (issue 2.8.2) (By Stanislav Reviewed by Bo)
    9. CCheckList Mock-up Class (issue 2.9) (By Joshua Reviewed by Stanislav)

0.3 Milestone

  1. CField (issue 3.0) By Bo Liu, Reviewed by Yun Yang
  2. CDialog (issue 3.1) By Yun, Stanislav and Steven, Reviewed by Joshua
  3. CLabel (issue 3.2) By Yun, Reviewed by Steven
  4. CLineEdit (issue 3.3) By Joshua, Reviewed by Stanislav

0.4 milestone

(Sun Nov 25th. 23:59)

  1. CButton (issue 4.0) By Joshua Lane
  2. CValEdit (issue 4.1) By Stanislav and Steven
  3. CCheckMark (issue 4.2) By Yun and Bo

0.6 milestone

  1. CText
  2. CheckList By Bo and Yun

Coding Rules

Naming Format

  1. For header files: __CH_HEADER_H__ team name initials, header file name, h
  • Add recompilation safeguards to all your header files.
  • Always use forward declaration if possible instead of including a class header-file.
  • Use includes only in files in which the actual header file code is used
  1. Issue and branch name format:
    example; issue: Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.9.1) issue and branch name on gitub: 2.9.1_AddTextClass

Coding Format

int main(){
   int var;   //All variables declared with own type
   int* var2;   //asterisk on pointer type

      var = 0;   //three spaces for indentation, check tab length in your editor
      }   //closing brace lined up with last line in block, brace gets own line
   else var = 1;

}   //comment end of functions and long code blocks


  • latest will be on top
  1. topic and date1
  2. topic and date2


Please help: I am confused about this instruction, what does this mean?

  • Always use forward declaration if possible instead of including a class header-file.

Lists of Project confusions: Yun's Blog http://yun811.blogspot.ca

  • For CCheckMark class, the base class is CField, but in the constructor and copy constructor, CLabel is initiated, what's the relationship of CCheckMark and CLabel?
  • Sets the frame of _Label to its owner (Checkmark i.e. 'this'), what this mean?
  • bool operator=(bool flag), what is the return value for this operator?