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Hack Day

Thoughts on the last one

  • Not enough people to justify having a whole lab
  • For now we will be holding it in the Linux Club which has the added benefit of allowing food and drink
  • If the situation changes in the future (we hope it will), we will move somewhere bigger.


  • Things to do in the future
    • Flyers
      • Ask the student council if we can get these printed at zero cost (Phil)
      • Ask David if he can print them for us
      • Ask Dave Manley if we can use his logo for them (Ben)
    • Put an announcement on My.Seneca (Vanessa)
    • Put an announcement on the TVs around the school (Vanessa)
    • Send an e-mail to all the CS profs asking them to tell their students
    • Talk with non-CS profs about informing their students (GAS, arts, etc)
    • Make a point of telling DPS909 students that we are feeding them to do their homework

Future Events

  • We'd like to invite non-CS students as well. To do things like Bug Triage, Litmus, etc.
  • People without a specific project could do those as well if they want to
  • We will be having Super Fun Hack Day every Tuesday for the rest of the semester (not including exam week)

End of Semester Party

  • December 15, 2006
  • Starts after BSD exams are over (someone update this with the time please)
  • Ends around 6
  • At the Hive
    • See if it's available (Phil)
  • Pop/chips/crackers will be provided
    • First 2 cans are free, then $.50 each
  • We want to play video games on the TVs
    • Can we hook up 1 system to each TV? (Phil)
  • No alcohol at this event

Wiki Page

  • The wiki page has not been updated nearly enough
  • Phil is in charge of updating the main page
  • Ben will be posting meeting minutes

Web Stuff

  • Contact Mozilla about obtaining an address (Liz)
    • We still need to decide exactly what we want it to be
  • Contact Mozilla about getting webspace from them (Liz)
    • Need to decide what the subdomain would be

Event Ideas

  • We would like to start helping out with Internationalization
    • Brian Perry is involved with these. We would like to speak with him more about it
    • We plan to invite him to a meeting to tell us what exactly he does and how we can help (Tom)
  • Test Days/Bug Triage Days
  • "Get to know us" day at the start of the semester

Future Meetings

  • Open to everybody
    • Advertise them on the website and wiki, maybe an optional mail reminder
  • Ben: See if Wedneday meetings will work
    • Update: Yes, Wednesdays at 6:30 are fine - bhearsum
  • Meetings for the rest of the semester will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesdays in the Linux Club
  • Meeting notes will be posted online from now on (Ben)
  • Anyone with a gmail account should send Ben their e-mail address to receive Google Calendar events.
    • Should there be a Club Moz calendar?

Post-Mortum of Events

Firefox Party

The Good

  • It turned out very well despite lack of proper planning
  • Much was learned

The Bad

  • No plates, napkins, serving trays
  • No water, no non-junk food
  • It was tough to get people to come upstairs to the party
    • The security guard wasn't nice
    • People couldn't bring up their alcohol
  • Giveaways were not stored in a secure place. People grabbed them up without permission

The Future

  • Inform any non-club people (Hive staff, security, etc) what they should be telling people
    • IE. Not "You can't go upstairs"
  • Make a party checklist (Phil)
    • Food/drink required
    • Things that will be given away
    • Things we need access too
    • Maybe make it a form that we fill out before-hand so we don't forget anything
  • Make sure we request everything we want in advance, specifically with SSF

Long Term Ideas

  • Maybe change from the "Mozilla" club to the "Open Source" club
  • Promotion of club early next semester to increase volume of participation


  • Get people started on small Mozilla projects to get them involved with the community
  • Get people within the community (former DPS909 students probably) to help out and mentor new people
  • We still have a lot of food and drink leftover from the Firefox party. We decided to store it in lockers until we use it up