Club Moz:Meetings/November 15, 2006

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Hack Day

Disruptive People

  • We need policies for how to deal with disruptive people.

Post Semester Party

  • Hive, N64s, etc.

Next Semster's Moz course

  • What's happening with the course next semester:
  • What's happening to the wiki


  • Super Fun Hack Day post-mortum
  • Update on the hive for the last Friday
  • Update on i18n stuff with Brian Perry


  • Update on webspace/e-mail from Moz
  • Update on flyers
    • Printed for free?
    • Dave Manley's logo
  • Announcement on my.seneca
  • Ads on the TVs
  • Send e-mail to the CS profs -- who is doing this?