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Club Moz:Meetings/November 15, 2006

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Hack Day

Disruptive People

  • We need policies for how to deal with disruptive people.

Post Semester Party

  • Hive, N64s, etc.

Next Semster's Moz course

  • What's happening with the course next semester:
  • What's happening to the wiki


  • Super Fun Hack Day post-mortum
  • Update on the hive for the last Friday
  • Update on i18n stuff with Brian Perry


  • Update on webspace/e-mail from Moz
  • Update on flyers
    • Printed for free?
    • Dave Manley's logo
  • Announcement on my.seneca
  • Ads on the TVs
  • Send e-mail to the CS profs -- who is doing this?


  • Should club members should be more special and we should do something that differntiate members from non-members



Dealing with Disruptive People

  • We decided that if a person repeatedly causes a disruption or distraction (as defined by all committee members present) we will remove them from the event.
  • If a person does this at multiple events we will discuss banning them from that event
  • These decisions will not be made lightly

End of Semester Gathering

  • We need N64 controllers for this
    • If anyone has them please e-mail phil (pcvitori at learn)
    • Possible games: Goldeneye, Smash Brothers, Mortal Kombat
    • Game tournaments

Super Fun Hack Day Post-Mortum

  • We received complaints that the Linux Club was crowded and not a good location because some people had trouble finding a place to work
    • We decided that for future events if the room ever becomes crowded or someone doesn't have a place to work the event will be moved to the open lab for that day. (Everyone will move, not just a few people.) webspace/email

  • We cannot get webspace or e-mail addresses from
  • We have decided that for the official club e-mail address is (Liz)
  • We will be looking into getting and an e-mail address (Tom)
  • We will ask David Collins (former Seneca student) if he can donate webspace and a domain to us (Ben)


  • We will be making two posters, on for Hack Day and one for the Meetings
  • They should contain the following:
    • Basic Club Moz information
    • Contact Information
    • Be readable from a distance
    • Possible logo could be a Mozilla dinosaur guy with a club in it's hand (CLUB Moz)
  • E-mailing to profs (Tom)
  • TV ads (Vanessa)
  • My.Seneca ads (Vanessa)
  • We're thinking of getting a banner to hang when we have events
    • It will just have our name on it
    • We want to get price estimates (Tom)


  • We want to help out however we can
  • What is being done with the wiki?
  • How is it being run?
  • Ben will contact Dave to discuss these things


  • We discussed making a distinction between Club Moz members and occaisonal contributors, we decided against making this distinction.
  • The committee needs to get the #clubmoz channel password for Phil (Phil!)