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Cube Tag Reference

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The Rectangle is one of the basic 2D primitives that can be created within canvas. The Rectangle Tag encompasses the various attributes that are associated with a Rectangle, such as position, width, height, and drawing styles.

Tag Attributes

  • position
    • Usage: <rectangle position="35, 53" />.
    • The position attribute is optional. If omited, the position defaults to the Origin location at {0, 0}.
    • The position attribute holds a set of two numbers separated by commas that are associated with the distance away from the Origin Point of (0, 0).
  • width
    • Usage: <cube width="10" />.
    • The width attribute defines the width of the rectangle.
    • This attribute cannot be omitted.
  • height
    • Usage: <cube height="30" />.
    • The height attribute defines the height of the rectangle.
    • This attribute cannot be omitted.
  • fillcolor
    • Usage: <cube fillcolor="#00FF00" />.
    • The fillcolor attribute sets a specific color that will be painted inside the rectangle.
    • This value, if omitted, will default to black (#000000).
  • bordercolor
    • Usage: <cube bordercolor="#FF00FF" />.
    • The bordercolor attribute sets a specific color of the border.
    • If omitted, the square will be drawn borderless.


  <rectangle position="80, 80" width="44" height="85" fillcolor="#49a" bordercolor="#F00" />


  • None.