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Line Tag Reference

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The Line is one of the basic primitives that can be created on the fly. The Line is a 2D face that can be displayed in a 3D world. The Line Tag encompasses the various attributes that are associated with a Line, such as a start position and an end position. In addition, the Line can be textured with a predefined image from a specific location.

Tag Attributes

  • name
    • Usage: <line name="myline" />.
    • The name attribute is optional. If omited, the name is not used and thus cannot be retrieved within JavaScript.
    • The Line is given an Identifier so that It can be retrieved and modified within JavaScript.
    • The name is a only accepts a string of Alpha-numeric characters.
  • start
    • Usage: <line start="0.3, 5.5, 3.8" />.
    • The start;; attribute determines the start position of a line
    • The start attribute is optional. If omited, the start position defaults to the Origin location at {0.0, 0.0}.
    • The start attribute holds a set of two floating point numbers separated by commas that are associated with the distance away from the Origin Point on the X and Y axis.


  <line name="myline" start="10.0, 200.0" end="350.0, 200.0"></line>


  • None.