Canvas3D XUL Runner App 0.4

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Progress starts again with v0.4 of the XUL Runner App project!

Version 0.3 -
☆ Windows → (incomplete)
☆ Mac OS X → (incomplete)

Planned Features

Bug cleanup

Feb 2

(3 hours)

  • Experimented with Songbird for Mac as a working comparison of a XUL Runner build with dylibs
  • Replaced the old and fishy XR framework with the one from Songbird
    • Portable Canvas now recognizes canvas elements, and doesn't tell you to get the c3d extension!
    • Unfortunately, it simply gives you a blue outline of the canvas element, rather than display 3d

Jan 26

Jan 22

Jan 19

Jan 16


  • Stuck the dylib into the Mac version of Portable Canvas, with no avail!

Next Steps

  • Try VNC and remote desktop to access the Mac from home
  • Attempt to find help on irc with prolonged access to a Mac