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== Project Updates ==
== Project Updates ==
<i>Nov 17, 2008</i>
* Completed 0.2 Release
** Uploaded files
** Created blog entry for release
<i>Nov 14, 2008</i>
<i>Nov 14, 2008</i>
* Crash session on C3DL with Andor
* Crash session on C3DL with Andor

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Name of Project

Canvas 3D - Picking


To put the project description simply, what it does is that when you click in Canvas 3D, you will select the object that is in the most front in the current camera angle you are looking at. So the details of this Picking project is this:

  • Convert the mouse coord in Windows to Canvas coord
  • In the current scene, find all objects that intersect where the mouse is clicked
  • Find the object closest to the camera from the list of intersecting objects


Project Contributor(s)

  • Andor Salga
  • Catherine Leung


  • A sample canvas 3d demo with multiple objects in it at different depths (or just random positions) from the camera (current view/scene)


0.2 - Nov 18th

Goal (Done)

  • Make functions that will help complete the project
    • Model.getVertices() which returns a reference of all the vertices in the object
    • Mouse coord convert: converting the mouse coord in Canvas coord
    • Other functions that might come up

New Class File and modified Model File Found Here: Picking.js, Model.js
(Since it only has functions and doesn't actually do anything yet, the extension with the new class will be release in 0.3)

0.3 - Dec 1st


  • Have the project working or at least close to working (with few minor bugs)

Project Updates

Nov 17, 2008

  • Completed 0.2 Release
    • Uploaded files
    • Created blog entry for release

Nov 14, 2008

  • Crash session on C3DL with Andor

Nov 13, 2008

  • Created Wiki Page
  • Got demo files from Andor
  • Got mouse position relative to Canvas

Nov 12, 2008

  • Discussed ideas to do the project
  • Set goals for releases
  • Got Canvas 3D Library source and IDL