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Project Name


Project Description

Various projects using video on the web need to create innovative and non-standard effects to transform the video, for example, applying filters, altering the video, using 2D and 3D effects, etc. This project will create a library that provides some commonly needed effects (e.g., colour filters, tilt shifting, etc.). This project will overlap and support the HTML5/Video Comic Book project.

Project Leader(s)

Project Leader: Kenneth Pangilinan Contacts: Brett Gaylor, Scott Downe, Anna Sobiepanek, Dave Humphrey

Project Contributor(s)


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Project Details

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Project News

  • Implemented original video onto canvas
  • Implemented cartoon effect
  • Implemented grayscale effect
  • Implemented sepia effect
  • Implemented green screen effect
  • Implemented flip effect
  • Setup GIT Hub repository
  • Implemented negative effect
  • Implemented interlaced effect
  • Released Candy version 0.1